After The Storm Creative Group Sings In Response to COVID-19

After The Storm Creative Group Sings In Response to COVID-19

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“Sing Against The Devil” Out Now 


Las Vegas, Nevada – June 4, 2020 – Future history books will have whole chapters dedicated to 2020 as this year has been a whirlwind of unbelievable events, including the global pandemic brought on by COVID-19. With many doing what they can to stay safe, others like Lane Schreck’s After The Storm Creative Group offer solace with the release of the new single, “Sing Against The Devil.” 

“Sing Against The Devil” presents high energy from the press of play as the lyrics start to come fast. It’s a marriage between hip hop, dance beats, and a lot of heart, and the emotive, harmonious delivery drives home the importance of the lyrics. It’s a quick treat for the ears that will garner more than a few dozen repeats as the whole package is addicting. 

Lane Schreck studied at the American Music Laboratory in Berkshire, Massachusetts. There he learned what he needed to execute a pristine piece of music. Which is what he implements when taking on his After The Storm Creative Group projects, including “Sings Against The Devil.” Of course, he was inspired by the recent global pandemic that has taken the lives of some 100,000 people in the United States alone and left many others fighting for their lives as we speak. Lane hopes this song can inspire those to continue to fight, and others to be aware of the disease so that we can fight it together and end its reign of terror. 

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