AGES 2020 Inducted into Hall of Fame

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Langley, BC, Canada — AGES 2020 was Inducted into the Akademia Hall of Fame, August 10th, 2023 for having created a musical repertoire that is truly original, as well as for talent, hard work and perseverance deemed worthy of the highest lifetime recognition. They will be honored in person at next years Gala Event on May 18, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, they went into the studio to record several singles and an EP. From these recordings and from live performance videos, they have earned several awards from Akademia including the 2019 Akademia Executive Award for outstanding creativity, artistry, and professional achievement in the field of music. In 2020 they received the Artist Vision Award for exceptional talent, originality, and vision in the field of music, and in 2022 they were awarded The Outstanding Legacy award for creating a musical legacy that is deemed timeless and important to future generations.

“AGES 2020 Sets The Standard For R&B Rhythms R&B supergroup AGES 2020 is excited for the release of new music that will excite listeners. A series of new singles and an album will have listeners hitting repeat to immerse themselves in these great tracks.” Artist PR

“Dang!! You guys are good! More than that the music moves me. Kind of works its way into my pores. I’m totally a fan!” Debbie from Drummer Girls United.

“Your music sounds amazing!” Cheers, Luis (Spotify Artist)

“Hey guys, great songs and awesome vibes! I loved all musics [sic] that I heard and all photos!”  Jam Self  N1 Charts Canada

“After much discussion, deliberation and ultimately a unanimous decision, the Akademia Board has decided to officially induct AGES 2020 into the Akademia Hall Of Fame. Effective August 10, 2023 your status in the Akademia Hall of Fame has become fact and your place in Akademia history permanently anointed. Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement, which was granted to less than 1% of Akademia award winners through the years.”

AGES 2020 was inducted into the Akademia Hall of Fame effective August 10, 2023 for having created a musical repertoire that is truly original and for talent, hard work and perseverance deemed worth of the highest lifetime recognition.

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The members of AGES 2020 have been active in the local music scene for over 20 years. AGES 2020 was formed in 2012 by Brian Harris, , Nancy Harris & Rex Rekker. The band has gone through many changes, including the loss of our beloved bassist, Helen. The band marched on and continued its climb up the music charts, with well over 5000 supporters enjoying the original music of AGES 2020. They are a multi-genre band and have played around the Greater Vancouver area for over 10 years. The band recorded several singles and an EP at Marpole Studio with Producer Rob Begg.


AGES 2020
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