Agorsor Deliver African Vibes To The Masses With ‘Hugadem’  

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Debut Afro-World Album Available Now  


Influenced by their everyday existence in Africa as well as knowledge learned, Agorsor poured their hearts into their Afro-World debut, ‘Hugadem.’

‘Hugadem’ translates to “the absolute is married to me” or “divine blissful play,” and as a whole the album talks to the whole world and draws awareness on issues that hold the Black man back and challenges faced by our world. Musically, the eight well-thought-out tracks stand as individuals that come together to create a well-rounded team. Listeners can and will hear the apparent African influences throughout songs like the title track, “Am Not Talking to U,” and “I Do Not Know What They Need.”  

“The creative process was inspired by my own experiences growing up in an African traditional shrine- where knowledge and art surround you. Growing up, the high priests attributed my craftiness, multilingual abilities and other things that they found strange for my age, as a sign that the absolute was married to me and has bestowed me with the gift of knowledge and art. I have always expected that if what was said is true, then the absolute must open my eyes and ears to his mysteries until I am lifted to become the embodiment of universal law and others. This is what inspired the composition of ‘Hugadem.’” – Nyornuwofia Agorsor 

‘Hugadem was recorded at the band’s private studio with a core team of professionals and masters of their craft. With creative freedom at their fingertips, Agorsor feels they were able to present more of who they were not only as creatives.

Those interested in adding new World music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Hugadem,’ or interviewing Agorsor can reach out via the information below. 

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Agorsor makes high-energy, spirit-filled music, overflowing with vocals, innovative harmonies, and indigenous instruments. This creates a sound that is contagious, vibrant, inspired by Africa, and found on their debut ‘Hugadem’ 

Nyornuwofia Agorsor
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