Alabama rapper & music producer “WoozyWhiteboy” is one of the hottest independent artists out right now.

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Huntsville, Alabama

“WoozyWhiteboy” is one of the most underrated rap artists from Alabama and has the potential to become the next heavy hitter of southern rap music.

Huntsville, Alabama — New York City – January 12, 2024 Rap artist “WoozyWhiteboy” has been making wave in the underground rap scene lately with over 100k streams since January he has no intention of slowing down when it comes to putting out quality music. WoozyWhiteboy’s new track “EXTREME” featuring NYC hip hop legend Jadakiss came out February 15th and has reached 40k streams on its own. WoozyWhiteboy has successfully proven himself to be a lyrical force to be reckoned with a bright future in the music industry.

WoozyWhiteboy is an emerging rap artist signed to “Rocket City Muzik Group” with music distribution through “The Orchard”. He has style and talent that captivates listeners with his unique sound.

Rocket City Muzik Group, based in Huntsville, AL, is thrilled to present WoozyWhiteboy’s latest release. As an emerging force in the music industry, WoozyWhiteboy’s track demonstrates the label’s commitment to supporting talented artists and delivering exceptional music to listeners worldwide.

For booking, features or more info please contact:
Rocket City Muzik Group
[email protected]

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WoozyWhiteboy is a rap artist and music producer from Alabama. He was always in and out of trouble as a young adult and by the time he hit age 25, he had already been homeless and arrested on multiple occasions. He changed his problematic ways in his late 20s and started getting back to music. WoozyWhiteboy’s work ethic and drive is above average and his style is so unique and versatile that it really shows he was made for the music business. WoozyWhiteboy just may be one of the most underrated artists we have heard in over a decade and has potential to become one of the next heavy hitters in southern rap music.


Name: WoozyWhiteboy aka Cadillac Troy
Email: [email protected]




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