AlbySound Shows ‘Less Is More’ With Upcoming Release

AlbySound Shows ‘Less Is More’ With Upcoming Release

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New Hip Hop Album Out July 3, 2020


Richmond, California – May 6, 2020 – With a father who dabbled in being a DJ, music ran through his blood, and at 13 AlbySound started to do more than just listen. It was then he started to create his own rhymes. Fast forward to today, and he’s got a couple of albums to his name, a plethora of singles, and a new project set to be released on July 3, 2020. It is then that he will prove ‘Less Is More’ to the world. 

The basis of AlbySound’s music has always been about two things; modernity and adaptability. Those two elements continuously push his style to be current and as fresh as can be for audiences to take in. Far from dull, AlbySound has always strived to put his best musical foot forward while remaining true to the foundation of hip hop. Whether that be on his previous release ‘Murality,’ or on his current singles from his upcoming release ‘Less Is More;’ “How I Feel,” “I Do,” and “Space Love.” Each brings a new topic to the table. While “How I Feel” is about speaking one’s mind to a woman, “Space Love” is about someone who makes you feel like you’re on Cloud 9 when you catch a glimpse of them. Then there’s “I Do,” a signature track about earning stacks. 

‘Less Is More’ features original music by AlbySound, as well as production by the man himself, Kajmir Royale, and Nobe Inf Gang.

Those interested in adding new rap music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Less is More,’ or interviewing AlbySound for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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AlbySound announced the date for his highly anticipated release, ‘Less is More.’ Expect that new project to drop July 3, 2020. 

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