Aldo Buzzi “Test Drive “RAW”


Corruption at a Young age Started in New York City

Alan Butzbach aka Aldo Buzzi,  The music comes from many influences – Iggy Pop to Frank Zappa, New Wave with a splash of punk. Then I was fully exposed to the New York City music scene in the late 70’s. The corruption started at Max’s Kansas City and melted through the years to being the production manager at the Mudd Club. Telling Johnny Thunders who was doing an acoustic set, REALLY and when I was getting him on stage coming up from the freight elevator from the basement, Steve Mass shoveling blow up his nose so he could stand after a 5th of Remy Martin he just chugged down. Shit, I can tell you some great stories as I lived in a most interesting time. All that time I was writing and composing music, as I sing, play bass guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion. The only lessons I ever had was on the drums. Playing by ear and feeling,  if it sounds good that is what you get.  Two distinct bands that I formed were The Lampshades and Vinyl Flesh. The Lampshades had a 45 out that was recorded at Radio City Music Hall studios in 1981. Both bands played all over New York City and Long Island from late 70’s to the late 80’s, knee deep, I lived and breathed music from 16 years old to about 35. At that point I needed to make a better  living to provide for my wife and 2 kids. I still kept writing and playing albeit in my mind and soul. Now I’m back, so listen to Aldo Buzzi Music from 45 years ago right up to today! And a lot more to come!

Aldo Buzzi – Test Drive “RAW”

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