Alernative / Progressive Christian Rock ASCAP Recording Artist J PENY: Carving a Unique Musical Path

Alernative / Progressive Christian Rock ASCAP Recording Artist J PENY: Carving a Unique Musical Path

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Croton On Hudson, NY — Inspired by Steve Howe of Yes and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, J PENY’s rhythmic style is infused with a unique sense of timing and melody. Rooted in a deep spiritual biblical understanding, J PENY’s musical presence and distinctive 12 String acoustic craft sets him apart from contemporaries.

A multi-genre singer-songwriter, J PENY has had a fascinating and transformative spiritual musical journey through faith. The Alternative Christian Rocker who is on his predestined spiritual journey J PENY, the man behind the music, has carved his path through life with a passion for progressive rock with an unshakeable faith in God.

John Patrick Elsasser, known to the world as J PENY, was born on March 21, 1958, in Mahopac, New York USA. Growing up as the youngest of his two brothers and one sister, the artist’s life was predestined for a profound connection with music. John’s cousin, Paul Friswell of the Overlanders, a renowned English musical group in the 1960’s, played a pivotal role in igniting the spark of music already deep within young John from birth.

Paul’s visit to New York led to an unforgettable encounter that would set John on his musical path. Sitting young John on his knee, Paul guided the young boy’s fingers across the guitar strings. It was in that moment that the seeds of music already deep in John’s sole were watered and nurtured, and the echoes of melodies filled John’s heart and mind.

Driven solely by his passion, John embarked on a predestined musical journey without any formal training. He learned to play and sing purely by ear, with only a few voice lessons at SUNY Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY. Despite his talent and passion for music, life’s responsibilities and unforeseen illness forced John to put his musical vision on hold.

However, John’s Love Purpose and Passion for music never waned. The resilient artist made a decision that would alter the course of his musical trajectory. Bridging the analog world of music and recording with the digital age, J PENY mastered the art of digital recording and engineering and production.

Through this transformation, John sought to share the messages of Faith, Hope, and Love a vision that he held within his heart and mind from birth with the world. Currently, John is diligently working on his upcoming album, “Covered” which is set to become a striking addition to his discography.

J PENY’s focus is on promotion and expanding his reach to a wider audience. The artist’s vision includes forming a touring band and taking his musical message to stages around the world. In the long term, his vision and goal is to reach the masses through both media and live performances.



Name: John Patrick Elsasser AKA J PENY
Email: [email protected]




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