Alexis Keegan – “Nobody Compares”


Alexis Keegan – “Nobody Compares” 


Beautiful blonde enchantress Alexis Keegan has returned with her follow-up to 2014’s Clean SLATE. Her recent history is full of important connections to respected music producers, coveted opening slots on high profile tours, and successful songwriting partnerships with talented songsmiths who’ve obviously raised Keegan’s game several notches. The first single from Endless Road, “Nobody Compares”, doesn’t obviously raise her credibility as a songwriter much, but as an appealing bit of pop fun, the song scores without overstaying its welcome. 

Her press materials promote her songwriting as craft more concerned with exploring her personal experiences and emotions and a reaction to serious medical illness she faced in recent years. The illness forced considerable downtime and, as the narrative goes, prompted Keegan to re-evaluate her priorities as a musician and person. The musical result of that self-reflection, Clean SLATE, continues with her new EP and first single. “Nobody Compares”, despite its hard dance edge, never loses sight of itself as a traditional song with a strong chorus, meaningful lyrics, and melodic elements. Precise, unrelenting percussion gives the track shape and the bass line holds it all together. Her vocal, however, overpowers everything and gives the song its emotional urgency. Without it, this might sound more like a robotic dance track instead of an open canvas for talented pop singers to work magic with.  

The New Jersey native has a promising career that steady direction seems to be building for the long haul rather than gambling with her development. “Nobody Compares” has tremendous drive and personality – if it doesn’t move your feet, you’ll finish the song certain you know Alexis Keegan a little better than you did when it began. 


Dale Butcher