Alluring Dance and Electronic Pop Music: Rising Artist Bloom Phase Unveils New EP

Alluring Dance and Electronic Pop Music: Rising Artist Bloom Phase Unveils New EP

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With his mesmerizing music that mixes the best of the Electronic, Indie Rock and Dance genres, budding singer and songwriter Bloom Phase is all set to become the next biggest breakthrough with his stunning new EP titled “Keep in Time”

An up-and-coming artist from Phoenix, Arizona, Bloom Phase is driven to create music that beautifully blends the genres of EDM and Indie Rock. Seamlessly spinning magic with spellbinding musical compositions that encapsulate hip beats and soulful songwriting, the budding singer provides the complete package.

With his unique blend of Electro, Indie Dance and Indie Rock music, the inspirational artist is ready to enthrall and excite with his fresh new EP titled ‘Keep In Time’, released on April 9th, 2021.

The first track on the EP, titled ‘I’m Down’, is a compelling and engaging song that encompasses the artist’s own growth and journey through emotive and soulful expression. While the next two songs offer a much-needed glimpse into the turmoil and unrest that dominates the contemporary status quo, Bloom Phase wishes to produce music that is both an exciting and an enriching experience.

Imbuing EDM with soul-stirring emotions and dynamic instrumentals, Bloom Phase intends to craft melodic compositions that entrance and energize listeners. Combining unique piano melodies with driving beats, the new EP is accented by the rising artist’s vocals and background harmonies. Touching on important themes of personal growth and the trials that life offers us, Bloom Phase stands out as an EDM artist who is doing more than just putting out hip beats to dance along to. His new music hits all the right notes and is a unique record which will inspire those who listen.

Following the release of his 2020 album “Rise Rule Fall” and single “Stupid King”, the new EP is bound to become a sensation.

“I’ve always loved the piano, and with these three songs, I fully embrace it, while keeping up the energy of a dance track”, says Bloom Phase, regarding his new music.

Check out his new EP and discover more about Bloom Phase at the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.





Up-and-coming artist Bloom Phase is a talented singer and songwriter, who is driven to evolve and experiment in the genres of EDM and Pop music.

Early on, Bloom Phase could be found playing Techno music at dive bars around Phoenix, Arizona. From there, the budding artist went on to play at house parties, local gigs, and small music festivals, while hosting an EDM night in Tempe, Arizona.

Developing his diverse range in EDM and Indie Dance music, the seasoned artist was recently featured on the radio show Smells Like Radio and released his new EP ‘Keep in Time’, which fully highlights his love for energetic and moving music.

In the coming months, Bloom Phase intends to push his music further and build a new live show, with an atmosphere that stimulates and thrills.



Name: Bloom Phase
Email: [email protected]




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