Alluring, Dreamy, and Sensual Tunes of Rock and Alternative: Independent Rock Artist Nikki Chainz Driven to Rise

Alluring, Dreamy, and Sensual Tunes of Rock and Alternative: Independent Rock Artist Nikki Chainz Driven to Rise

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With an exciting and unparalleled palette of musical compositions, Nikki Chainz is showcasing the formidable musical prowess of today’s Women of Rock

Augusta, GA —April 6th  , 2022 – Few artists are sculpting their own unique imprints on the canvas of Alternative and Rock as beautifully as rising Rock artist, Nikki Chainz. The promising independent artist is set to make it big, as she unveils a stunning new single, titled, “Take Your Time”.

Bringing her own characteristic and distinctive sensual ethos to Rock, the talented singer-songwriter showcases a different take on the genre in her new release. “Take Your Time” is the newest single from the budding artist, off of her third album, and follows onto a rich discography that includes her 2021 hit singles, “He War” and “Where Are You”.

Complemented by a music video which the artist recently debuted, “Take Your Time” exudes a positive, ebullient, and feel good vibe, underlined by the artist’s characteristic sultry aesthetic. Having released on YouTube and other official music platforms on April 1st, 2022, “Take Your Time” encompasses audiences with dreamy and passionate lyricism and rhythms.

Chainz has been a musician for over 20 years and wrote her very first song at the age of 11, but the new album goes beyond just introducing the Rock prodigy to the rest of the world. It marks a stirring representation of the artist’s diverse soundscape, creative palette, and experimental techniques.

“My music is unique because I have a diverse sound and just experiment a lot with different genres. My motivation to keep writing and playing, to someday be able to perform with my idols,” says Nikki Chainz regarding her music.

Nikki Chainz remains inspired by a desire to continue to live through her grandfather’s hopes and passions, as he inspired her to play at a very young age. She plans to go on tour and hopefully bring her kids along to experience the life of traveling to different parts of the country and across the world. With her newest release, Nikki Chainz aims to spread an empowering message to women around the world that they are strong and they are worthy.

Stream Nikki Chainz’ new single, “Take Your Time” and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through the artist’s email.



Nikki Blanding, better known by her artistic identity Nikki Chainz, is a 29 year old South Carolina native who began to play the piano by the age of 7, catalyzed by a powerful penchant for the electric and acoustic guitar. With access to keyboards and instruments her grandparents had around their house, Nikki began her journey down the path of songwriting, writing her own songs along the way as she inspired to be like her grandfather who played the mandolin and performed in Bluegrass bands upstate.

Growing up, Nikki took inspiration from attending concerts and through music videos, always clinging onto her dream to take the stage like her contemporary idols. The artist’s influences range from Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Alice in Chains, Led Zepplin, and much of 90’s music and Classic Rock in conjunction with an eclectic spectrum of other artists and genres.


Nikki Chainz
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