Amarachi drops EP


Amarachi releases All or Nothing

(New York) Amy Winehouse meets Adele complete with stunning voice, dazzling guitar, brilliant originals and innovatively interpreted movement. Absolutely amazing voice, pitch strong and with a wonderful delivery. This latest 6 Track staple All or Nothing Flyer” was released in 2014 and I must say each track has a ton of dynamics, you almost forget its simplicity and the fact that there is so much going on track to track. Once “Certified Criminal” came on, I kept replaying it over and over.  It is a ballad packed with so much tension yet so much emotion.  Almost enough to make me cry.  Lucky for me, I’m not really the crying type and it takes a ton to move me, and yes the title track moved me. In all seriousness it’s an amazing kickoff statement to say the least and as a result wonderful song. “My man” and “I’ll Be OK” is wow good. I usually don’t like it when critics use the term “musical journey”—even though I’ve done it myself on a few occasions.  For me it usually means it’s a journey you don’t want to go on, and the critic is just being nice. But listening to “All or Nothing” the cliché applies quite appropriately and almost emotionally.

All or Nothing” by Amarachi does what it’s supposed to do – inspires the soul. These songs are beautifully performed and will have the listener drifting off into various emotional landscapes—if I may take the liberty to sound so corny. I get the same sensation with Amarachi as I do Adelle, Paloma Faith, Emell Sande, Leona Lewis and Corinne Bailey Ray. When listening to the vocal greats, there’s nothing to be nitpicky about.  Nothing to pinpoint and say, “Aha, this is where they screwed up!”  You simply get lost in the music, to the point of not wanting to find your way out.  Soulful vocal enthusiasts that love classic high end pop should definitely check out Amarachi as she is clearly worthy of your time and possibly more.


Score: 4/5 Stars

R.C. Garrison