An Addicting and Sublime Up-tempo Pop Track – Vallyre Drops Unique and Smashing Dance Single ‘COLDCHILL’

An Addicting and Sublime Up-tempo Pop Track – Vallyre Drops Unique and Smashing Dance Single ‘COLDCHILL’

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Touted as the song of the year, ‘COLDCHILL’ is a marvellous new single by budding singer-songwriter Vallyre

Boston, Mass — Creating all the buzz with her mellow song writing and captivating rhythms, Vallyre’s breakthrough in the music industry is one to talk about. With her record-smashing, catchy, and inventive Pop-Dance track, the talented artist displays a skill that has been seldom witnessed.

“COLDCHILL” drips with a carefree creativity and delivers a unique up-tempo track to fall in love with. Getting every listener moving and grooving to the beat, Vallyre’s splendid drop aims to grab the attention of audiences and chain them to the rhythms.

The exciting new single released for listeners in October 2022 and features Vallyre in her glory, assisted by talented producer, Howie Moscovitch. A roaring hit already, “COLDCHILL” has been declared by man fans on SoundCloud as ‘the song of the year.’

Inviting audiences to put their dance shoes on, “COLDCHILL” inks Vallyre’s concerted efforts to continue making music and working hard on the road to become a genre-defining recording artist.

“My track is unique because it is authentic and original as can be of an experience, I have been through in a relationship…when I write, the goal is to share glimpse of my life and connect with other fans. My belief is that one day I will becoming a recording artist and have faith,” she says about her music and aspirations.

Vallyre works hard and continues to be inspired by her icons: Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, H.E.R. and many others who influence her to reach perfection.

Follow Vallyre on Soundcloud and download and stream the newest tracks ‘Breakout’ as well as ‘COLDCHILL!’ Follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify to keep track of all new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or opportunities of collaboration, reach out to the artist through email.



Growing up in Boston, Vallyre’s passion for music sparked during childhood, where she took singing lessons at the acclaimed TrueVoice NYC Academy. Today, Vallyre carries the torch from powerful female icons while also pushing her own unique and powerful sound. Her latest EP has themes which revolve around female empowerment, acceptance, and love. As Vallyre continues to hone her craft and thrive, there is no stopping her from becoming inter-connected with her music, sending them all a positive message.

In her spare time, the talented singer-songwriter also enjoys acting. She’s been an extra in Drew Barrymore’s “Fever Pitch,” as well as Martin Lawrence’s “Rebound”. She dreams of being in many more films in the future. Her first EP ‘Explosion’ is available now on all major music streaming platforms! Collaborating with multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer Art Shweky, the stunning EP delivers Vallrye’s signature sound with a powerful production style that brings every element out of her music.


Name: Vallyre
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