An Authentic Blend of Reggae and Dancehall – Hungry House Production Delivers an Unforgettable New Record ‘Reggae Togetherness”

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Hungry House Production’s magnetic release is one that draws audiences into a soulful and electrifying journey through the depths of Reggae
Etobicoke, ON, Canada —October 25th, 2023 – An imprint that is reshaping and resetting the face of contemporary Reggae and Dancehall,  Hungry House Production, under the guidance of producer Clive Bennett, is driven to uplift, mesmerize, and enchant audiences with their thrilling blends.

In a world where music often loses touch with its roots, Hungry House Production Inc. stands as a beacon of authenticity. Their latest album, “Reggae Togetherness” which released on September 19th, 2023, delivers a memorable ode to the inventiveness of the Reggae and Dancehall experience.

Owing to the remarkable engineering by Ras Bagel, the exceptional production by Clive Bennett, and the contributions of talented artists like DJ Majah Bless, Jah Thunder, Simply Cool Vice, Dunu Ranks, Shanty Plus, and Jabalance, “Reggae Togetherness” is a true gem.

An emblem of unity through diversity, traditions in the face of contemporary upheavals, and the value of togetherness itself- “Reggae Togetherness” is not just a collection of tracks- it is a powerful affirmation of the artists’ devotion to the reggae and dancehall tradition.

Paying homage to the Jamaican musical legacy and a tribute to the legendary artists who’ve shaped its history, Hungry House Production Inc. stands as a reminder that music is a timeless vessel of authenticity and consciousness.

The artist’s new album, with its deep social commentary, presents listeners with an unforgettable sonic experience and moves them to reflect on the issues that matter. Overall, the artist succeeds in shaping a journey that lets feelings remind us of our collective consciousness, all while delivering the irresistible beats of great reggae dancehall music.

Stream Hungry House Production Inc.’s new music and get ready for an extraordinary, powerful musical journey. Step into their world of authentic reggae and dancehall music, where the roots are celebrated, and the future is embraced! Follow the artist on social media and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, collaborations, and additional information!



The story of Dunu Ranks, born Clive Howard Bennett, reads like a love letter to the heart of reggae and dancehall music. Hailing from Kingston, Dunu’s roots are deeply embedded in the fertile soil of Jamaican musical heritage. His childhood nickname, “Dunu,” given by his older brother, is a testament to the unique musical journey he embarked on. Growing up in Spanish Town’s Willowdene, the same community that witnessed the birth of sound systems and the emergence of iconic artists like Papa San, Dirtsman, Skullman, Gregory Peck, and Dunu Ranks found himself immersed in a musical wonderland. More than simply a musician, Ranks is training as an actor, audio producer, and audio engineer.

Hungry House Production Inc. has been a significant player in the reggae dancehall scene since its inception in 2015. With a motto that declares, “Hungry House sing fi the food,” their mission is clear: to provide authentic reggae and dancehall music to music lovers worldwide.


Hungry House Production
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