An Awe-Inspiring Blend Of Rhythms And Songs Inspired By The Diaspora, – Duke Jones Presents ‘Afro-Café Vol 1’ Released by his boutique record label ” Bassline Live “

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An Awe-Inspiring Blend Of Rhythms And Songs Inspired By The Diaspora, – Duke Jones Presents ‘Afro-Café Vol 1’ Great Jazz Artists Performing With Passion & Love .

New York, New York —Listening to recordings of great musicians in session is rare these days. Natural sounds, natural instruments , being played by experienced master musicians is sorely needed. In todays world of sampling and computerized music . Its refreshing to hear real performances by artists who have perfected their musical skills while performing countless concerts and obtaining many gold & platinum albums in their careers. Kick back, relax and enjoy the music of ” Afro-Cafe Vol 1. “.

The album is available at all music digital outlet stores.

Jazz pianist ” Bobby Lyle ” , Saxophonist ” Kenny Garrett ” and  Vibist ” Roy Ayers ” have turned out monster performances on this record.

Blending Jazz with African Rhythms brings out the power of the Diaspora. Urban America, the Caribbean , Africa and Brazil are all represented here.

Featuring a string of legendary artists and an unescapable sound, ‘Afro-Café Vol 1’ is a celebration of diverse Jazz, Soul, and African music styles

Delivering an awe-inspiring sound, Duke Jones presents his heartfelt new album, ‘Afro-Cafe Vol 1.’ A spectacular new release, ‘Afro-Café Vol 1’ graces the artist’s brand-new boutique record label. A compilation of classic songs retrieved from the vaults of Bassline Live record label. ” Afro-Cafe Vol 1. “,  is available now on all digital stores worldwide.

Swiftly gaining recognition for its unique approach to bringing together legendary artists to record in world-class studios, Bassline Live is a matchless record label. The label masters are one-of-a-kind recordings that capture some of the most amazing musical moments, rife with emotion, color, and character. State of the Art pristine quality recordings done with legendary studio engineers such as Los Angeles engineer Dave Rideau and New York/London born Beatles Abby Road album engineer Malcolm Addy.

Duke Jones’ new website,, is a sublime gateway to experiencing the Bassline Live record label’s unique sound. Inspiring budding musicians everywhere, Duke is not only promoting himself and his new record label but also writing new music for, a new Health and Wellness company/app that draws its spiritual inspiration from the works of Bob Marley.

‘Afro-Cave Vol 1’ is a magnetizing celebration of Jazz , blended with elements of Soul and African World beat , it is sure to captivate and bring inspiration to your daily life. The record was released in November 2022, and is distributed by TheOrchard/Sony Music Group.

The new record features a stunning team of musicians for this latest album release, including legendary vibist Roy Ayers, saxophonist Kenny Garrett, pianist Bobby Lyle, vocalist Porter Carroll Jr., and percussionist Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers.

Apart from the new music, Bassline Live’s art gallery section is a must-visit, featuring artworks by American icon Photographer Gordon Parks, creator of many classic movies such as Shaft, Superfly, and The Learning Tree, plus many  art pieces collected worldwide, including “Oil on Canvas,” “Art Photography,” as well as ” Watercolors ” from Haiti , Goree Island Senegal West Africa, Alaska, Japan, Bali Island, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and Bahia Brazil.

Visit Duke Jones’ official website to listen and immerse yourself in the Bassline Live experience.  See all of the Bassline Live new releases now available on Itunes, Pandora, Spotify , Amazon,  and purchase one of a kind iconic art pieces! Contact the artist for any inquiries, interviews, collaborations, licensing, investment opportunities, as well as presenting your music for possible release on the Bassline Live Record Label!



Duke Jones is a jazz trumpet player who has been making music in the record industry since the 1970s. He has created several well known bands such as ” Atlantic Starr ” , and ” CafeSoulAllstars ” . He has worked with and recorded with jazz great Norman Connors, vocalist Jon Lucien, saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, The Temptations, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Japanese super group ” Kome Kome Club ” just to name a few. Looking forward to making great new music and  videos highlighting the worlds great wonders.

Bassline Live record label is unique in providing music with unusual combinations of great artists recording together for the first time in top world-class studios. Recordings for the label are done in New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Japan, and the Caribbean Islands. With their brilliant soundscapes, the label displays tracks recorded over several decades, from the 70s to the 2000s, and from legendary studios like Bell Sound in New York, SoundCastle studios Hollywood, Kenden recorders Burbank, Conway Studios Hollywood, and Mega Studios Rio de Janeiro Brazil .


Name: Duke Jones
Address: 191 Malcolm X blvd apt3a, New York, New York
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 332-202-2835
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Instagram: https://DukeJonesTrumpet


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