An Eccentric And Exciting Mix of Positive And Inspirational Music: Ghost U Like It, I Love It Releases A Hit New Single

An Eccentric And Exciting Mix of Positive And Inspirational Music: Ghost U Like It, I Love It Releases A Hit New Single

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This new single is brilliantly self-reflective and relatable because it speaks volumes of the real challenges that haunt human life.

Temple, tx —19th March 2023- Ghost U Like It, I Love It is a new hip up-and-coming artist who believes in the sheer power of music in connecting with individuals from all across the world. The singer is known for making truth the core of his musical enterprise, trying to showcase the fight against his challenges. The artist’s music is unique because these are true emotions stemming from hard-felt realities behind it- the music-making process taking the form of catharsis for those that are present in it.

The eclectic artist understands that music has subliminal messages within it on pain, loss, depression, drinking, drug use, and betrayal among others; all heavy realizations that need to be expressed in any way possible. There is a fearlessness present within the consortium of music that Ghost U Like It, I Love It, produces which attracts the audience. This fearlessness allows the singer to truly display his most authentic self through his music; a quality that makes this collection of music automatically different from all others. It is also this fearlessness that is so prominently present in Ghost’s latest musical endeavor, guaranteed to thrill audience in more ways than one!

The musician has produced several famous singles including “A Letter To Her”, “Breathe”, “It’s Over”, and “Blow”. Each song expands on a different life phase and emotion that the singer has experienced. There are several beautiful messages hidden within these musical masterpieces. An exciting amalgamation of deep and soulful lyrics as well as beautiful musical symphonies. His newest hit single is the new addition in this already brilliant collection.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Spotify or their website at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email [email protected].



Ghost U Like It, I Love It is a Texas-born Akademia award-winning, Grammy Nominee, Global artist, and newfangled, triple threat, to the music and entertainment industries. Not only is he a business owner, artist, and producer, he has a wide variety of specialized skills such as music and video production, choreography, and performing. After being signed to two other labels of the past, in 2014, Ghost took over the record label Adverse Effects in Canada. This prompted him to launch his growing label.

The artist has released nine albums released including ‘Her’, ‘Living in the Moment’, ‘Music is My Mistress’, ‘And Mr. U Like It, I Love It’, and ‘Cicada’ among others. No song, no album are ever the same, they are all uniquely different and share a story as the songwriter has creatively blended and mastered many of the music genres throughout his tracks and career. Holistically, Ghost is a dedicated, passionate, and charismatic individual who is all set to enthuse listeners with his brilliantly unique musical talents!


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Name: Ghost u like it i love it
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