An Infectious Charisma Manifested through Inspiring Hip Hop Rhythms: Glock Caree Unveils Refreshing New Mixtapes

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Led by unparalleled motivation and diligence, Glock Caree is set to craft his own unique place in the realm of Rap and Hip Hop

Charlotte, NC — January 4th , 2022 – Becoming a rising force in the Hip Hop industry, Glock Caree hopes to spur motivation, commitment, and diligence among audiences, through his distinct musical ethos. Having struggled through life’s pressing and trying periods, the eclectic artist channels within his musical compositions a unique rhythm and rhyme.

While many budding artists and songwriters aim to cement themselves in the industry, few are able to create a momentous impact, paralleled to the presence curated by Glock Caree. The artist’s work ethic and enviable hard work has directly resulted in his early successes amidst other up-and-coming singers and songwriters.

With two tantalizing new mixtapes having dropped recently on 31st October 2021, the dynamic artist showcases to the world a magnetic creative spirit and storytelling prowess. Titled, “Undeniable” and “Another Way Out”, the artist narrates moving narratives, rooted within personal experiences, hoping to inspire listeners to fight against all odds.

While music acts as a medium for voicing out his personal issues and problems, Glock Caree hopes to use his platform to instill within listeners a lifestyle of working hard and striving to reach one’s goals.

“Listening to my music makes people get active in their daily lives, I plan on becoming a mainstream rapper in 2022,” says the artist regarding his musical journey.

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Glock Caree is a 24-year-old Rap and Hip Hop singer-songwriter who is swiftly make a name for himself in the musical genre. A father to 4 kids, the artist looked towards his craft to figure out another way out of his life’s struggles, while also honing his skill set and artistic talents. The artist counts his family and close friends as the people who push him to achieve his milestones and goals each day.

Having been a Rap artist for 4 years, Glock Caree is psyched and ready to follow his passions and achieve his goals, driven by the love for his kids whom he does everything for.


Glock Caree
Name: Glock Caree
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