An Intimate, Passionate, and Intoxicating Spectacle of Love – ADHD Rush Drops New Electronic Single

An Intimate, Passionate, and Intoxicating Spectacle of Love – ADHD Rush Drops New Electronic Single

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With his new single, “I Got To Get To You,” singer-songwriter ADHD Rush depicts a soulful vibe while simultaneously delivering a personal love letter

Warren, VT —October 5th, 2022 – Underscored by love and passion, ADHD Rush’s dynamic new electronic single shows the world his unique and diverse musical palette. Be it his superb arrangements, compelling rhythms, and tunes that scintillate audiences or songwriting straight from the heart, ADHD Rush’s music has got it all!

The artist’s newest offering, the studio version for “I Got To Get To You,” highlights the endless love, mutual admiration, and unmitigated adoration he holds for an extraordinary woman in his life- his wife. ADHD Rush remains devoted to his life partner, who changed the way that he looked at life and opened new doors, possibilities, realities, and opportunities for him.

“I Got To Get To You” is a stunning track that follows the artist’s numerous other exciting and layered musical compositions, such as “Not Losing,” which he only recently unveiled in 2022. His other brilliant releases include “The Electricity in My Head,” “Magical Lights,” “Eating Cookies with Ghost,” “Love Noise UHD,” “Turbo,” Real Magic,” and “Super Fast,” among others.

An embodiment of the ‘fast life,’ ADHD Rush’s music remains true to his own enigmatic and riveting name. The artist leads audiences into a magnetizing new dimension with passionate, honest, fast-paced, electric rhythms and scores.

“I made this single to show my love for a special woman in my life who I ended up marrying… I made this track to hopefully inspire those who have a special someone to go out there and tell that person how much she or he means to you,” says the artist regarding his new track.

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Reinaldo Palencia, also known by his artistic name ADHD Rush is an experienced artist in the Electronic genre. Originally born and raised in Queens, New York City, the artist moved to Vermont to live with his wife. He mentions his permanent shift to life on the farm in Vermont as being caused by the deep love and everlasting connection he shares with his wife.

ADHD Rush remains indebted to his partner for a life he equates to ‘paradise’ and hopes to continue dropping music that comes right from his heart. With his unique, honest, and raw brand of music, ADHD Rush wants to remind audiences that life is short and you are only here once, so never be afraid to let any person know how you feel about them. The artist believes that love cannot be avoided as it is the universe’s energy bringing two people together to make one feel whole again and complete life’s charming puzzle.


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