An Inventive Brilliance is Uncovered with Enriching Ambient Tunes- K-e HeadWorld’s Fantastic New Singles Stun Audiences

An Inventive Brilliance is Uncovered with Enriching Ambient Tunes- K-e HeadWorld’s Fantastic New Singles Stun Audiences

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With tracks such as- “Few Hew” and “Rustic,” K-e HeadWorld’s profound and moving records open a world of possibility for listeners

Stone Mountain, GA – Georgia — August 12th, 2023 – K-e HeadWorld is not a name that is unknown to audiences. Truly cementing his own unique place in the music world, the skilled singer-songwriter is mesmerizing listeners one track at a time.

With his singles “Few Hew” and “Rustic” released under the titular pseudonym- Michael Ojo- the artist’s music is a doorway into his creative process. Laced with soft, poignant, tuneful, and mellow rhythms, K-e HeadWorld’s music remains incomparable.

The eclectic artist has routinely been touted and referred to as the most ingenious and “inventive” mind in the music scene today. Set to become the next big thing in the entertainment world, the artist depicts a mature, intuitive, and evolving mindset through his craft.

Opening a world of unique viewpoints with his music, the artist seeks to subtly comment and underscore the changing nature of status quo. A contemporary piece, his new singles are from the point of view of the artist’s observations.

“I see how the music and the entertainment world has greatly been eroded by mediocrity- when I was growing up, amazing music and videos inspired my life for greatness and America has been at the forefront,” recalls the artist regarding the music which catalyzed a generation of artists.

However, noting that there is not much creativity and originality present in the current musical scene, K-e HeadWorld aspires to change the way music is made. Driven to do things differently, the artist wants to live up to his name and reputation as the “inventful mind”- since he doubles as a poet, playwright and a stand up comedian.

Stream K-e HeadWorld’s profound, creative, and original new music today! Follow the artist’s journey as he seeks to revive the authenticity of the genre one step at a time.




K-e HeadWorld, a seasoned creative mind began his creative journey at 16, with verses harmonizing into melodies and ad jingles. Notably, he penned for Hollywood of Columbine Records during his early teens. However, his religious upbringing somewhat restrained his talent’s full exploration.

Currently contributing to Majestic Records Inc. and Countrywine Publishing Co., K-e acknowledges a sense of incompleteness, seeking wider recognition and tangible success. The artist recounts that his goal is to carve a unique niche and pioneer his artistic journey.

A University of Phoenix Honors graduate, HeadWorld shares his story as an inspiration, rekindling hope in those who admire him. Over 20 songs are patiently poised for their spotlight moment. Each lyric is a cascade of emotions yearning to be captured in a recording. K-e longs to unveil an unprecedented artistic perspective to the world. K-e HeadWorld signifies more than a name; it’s an odyssey of relentless passion. With uncharted horizons ahead, he aims to shape destiny by crafting soul-stirring melodies and lyrics that are both passionate and thought-provoking.


K-e HeadWorld
Name: K-e HeadWorld
Address: 629, Rock Shadow Ct, Stone Mountain, GA – Georgia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4047191919




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