An Inventive Spectacle of Sonic Brilliance: P-Stubbz801 Enthralls with Symphony of Innovation “Vent It”

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Brimming with raw talent, P-Stubbz801’s dynamic musical compositions present a blend of uniqueness, individuality, and genius

Salt Lake City, Utah —November 30th, 2023 – In the vibrant landscape of Hip Hop, P-Stubbz801 emerges as a timeless force, delivering a musical experience that underscores an inimitable, inventive, and striking genius that captivates audiences far and wide.

Already amassing thousands of streams on Spotify alone, the eclectic artist’s newest release- “Vent It” envelops audiences with magnetic, bold, and exciting narratives. With his refreshing blends, P-Stubbz801’s music is an elevating experience for all audiences.

Representing the movement spearheaded by SDBG Studios, P-Stubbz801 presents an electrifying soundscape that transcends the ordinary, setting the stage for a new era in the music industry.

When listeners immerse themselves in the music of P-Stubbz801, they embark on a journey marked by a consistent vibe, seamlessly woven into the fabric of his flow. The genesis of the artist’s musical odyssey traces back to 11th grade in high school when, at just 15 and a half years old, a friend became the catalyst for his artistic pursuit.

Motivated by the positive reception of his flow and beats, P-Stubbz801 found his true calling in music. His artistic evolution is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. The struggle to find his art led him through various avenues, from attempting drawing and playing the guitar to grappling with teenage depression.

Music became the medium through which P-Stubbz801 discovered himself, progressing towards self-love and artistic expression. P-Stubbz801 remains a unique powerhouse, standing out with his unapologetic authenticity. Refusing to conform to stereotypes, he proves that one doesn’t need profanity in every song to make it meaningful.

Fearless in the face of others’ opinions, the young seasoned artist embodies a distinct style that resonates with fans. His approach revolves around the audience, making each creation a shared experience rather than a mere performance.

P-Stubbz801 stands at the forefront of a musical revolution, fusing innovation with authenticity. As he paves the way for the SDBG Studios movement, audiences are invited to join this sonic journey that promises not just entertainment but a transformative experience.

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P-Stubbz801’s overarching goal is to chase the dream and transform SDBG Studios into a record label, pioneering a new underground movement in the music industry. With a vision to bring change and catch fire in the sector, his music reflects the struggles of the past and the challenges of the present. The upcoming LP, “West Koast Influence,” slated for release, promises to be a profound exploration inspired by both history and contemporary hardships.

As P-Stubbz801 gears up for live performances and endeavors to expose the SDBG Studios movement, the release date of the LP remains eagerly anticipated. Beyond the music, he envisions a holistic impact, bringing change not only to the music scene but also to the hearts and minds of those who resonate with his journey.


Address: 50 W BROADWAY SUITE # 300, Salt Lake City, Utah
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8003050610




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