An Irresistible and Compelling Disco-Inspired Dance Pop Sensation – Introducing Nick Zigic Music’s Flourishing Craft

An Irresistible and Compelling Disco-Inspired Dance Pop Sensation – Introducing Nick Zigic Music’s Flourishing Craft

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A resurgent veteran musician returns with a fresh and funky sound, drawing on decades of experience with his revitalizing Dance Pop blends

Los Angeles, CA —March 21st, 2023 – Brimming with the rich nostalgia of Dance Pop, Nick Zigic’s music has its own unique trajectory. An eclectic veteran of the music industry since the late 1970s, Nick has made a triumphant return with his latest project.

Drawing from his love of disco and dance music, the talented artist has created a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh, capturing the spirit of the ’70s while incorporating contemporary elements that will get any audience moving and grooving.

An unparalleled musician, composer, arranger, and producer, Zigic has been involved in every aspect of the music industry. From his early days as a bass player and songwriter for the Bosnian Rock Band Kontrapunkt to his more recent work producing jingles for social media and internet radio, the artist has consistently pushed musical boundaries.

In 2016, Zigic released his debut EDM album, which quickly gained attention and landed two songs in the top 100 on online charts. However, it was his rediscovery of drafts he wrote during the disco years that inspired him to refocus his energy on the dance genre.

Tracks such as “Part of Astarte” and “Sarajevo” embody distinct elements from dance, disco, or pop music, ever-present in Zigic’s repertoire. Check out the upbeat and catchy “Magic Nitch” or the compelling “Parte of Astarte,” which combines his love of dance with his rock roots.

Funky, groovy, and irresistible, Zigic’s music captures his passion for music and his dedication to his craft. Without a doubt, the artist remains a must-listen for anyone who loves dance pop with a disco twist.

Hit play and let the good times roll! Stream Nick Zigic’s new music and follow him on social media to stay up to date on new releases and get a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process! For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through the artist’s email.



Involved in the music industry since the late 1970’s as a musician (bass player, Kontrapunkt) and songwriter, Nick shifted from genre to genre experimenting with forms and styles, until recently finding comfort as an EDM songwriter and singer. In 2016, Nick Zigic issued the first EDM solo CD under the title Space Music. Since then, Nick has teamed up with world renowned, Grammy Award Winner, Sound Engineer and Producer, Sadaharu Yagi ( and produced the hit single “Parte od Astarte”.

Nick is currently working on a series of Euro-Pop and Disco tracks in which Nick finally gets to fully utilize his songwriting talent, pen down electrifying lyrics, and sing compelling tracks.


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