An Untamed, Electrifying and Immersive Pop Star Taking the World by Storm- Marraboi Drops Striking New Single

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Titled “One More Step,” Marraboi’s deep, dark and unprecedented new single is one which inspires audiences to lose themselves in power of new music. 

Tampa, Florida December 8th  , 2023 – An up-and-coming Singer Songwriter  Marraboi, is determined to create an impactful, passionate, and magnetizing musical presence. Hoping to mesmerize audiences with his new music video, “One More Step,” the talented Artist, embraces authenticity in his tracks which resonate widely amidst audiences.

Slated to captivate and connect deeply with audiences, Marraboi’s new single, “One More Step, features the collaborative expertise of Artist and Producer Justin Cognito.

Delivering an infectious musical production and addictive vocal, Marraboi is hopeful that his new single will catapult the artist towards greater heights. Having released on December 8th, 2023, “One More Step” has already amassed thousands of views, positioning the Singer favorably as a unique artist in music today.

“You will know when you hear a Marraboi record. I truly believe my tone and passion for music puts me in a lane of my own. My music crosses the pathways of Pop, R&B, Soul and Hip-hop. Known for my falsetto and catchy hooks, I am motivated through music and the ability to create something that is timeless and something people can relate to,” affirms Marraboi regarding his exciting compositions.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, John Legend, Frank Ocean, Drake, T-pain, Partynextdoor and Majid Jordan, Marraboi’s goals are to live life to the fullest, spending time with family, close friends and creating a sound that will last forever.

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Marraboi a seasoned singer, artist, and songwriter who hails from Tampa, Florida. Having grown up playing football, basketball and playing the drums, Marraboi was always inclined towards finding his own musical sense and establishing himself as a force in the industry. Although the rising artist has been recording vocals for just under 3 years, he has grown exponentially, and currently aims to make music that remains everlasting and appreciated by all audiences.

Marra draws inspiration mainly from both his parents who are exceptionally gifted in the musical realm. The artist’s father taught piano at the prestigious Berklee College of Music for over 20 years and his mother attended the same college where she played piano as well. Marraboi only recently released his new track- “One More Step” which is currently available to stream across all music platforms.


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