An Upbeat and Soulful Mélange of Tunes and Rhythms- True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists Enliven Listeners with New Single

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A diverse and talented group of artists, True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists are enriching audiences with their soul-stirring new single- “Christmas Cheer is Here Again”

Oakland, CA — Displaying the vibrant and expressive colors of a new genre, True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists have delivered a track that beautifully accents the good times. A hybrid, enriching, and magnetizing single, the artists’ new single, “Christmas Cheer Is Here Again” released on all major music platforms on November 27th, 2022.

Featuring inspirational vocals, consciously crafted spoken word, and groovy R&B and Jazz funk, True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists’ music is a whole rollercoaster. Elevating spirits with their electric appeal, the talented artists are confident their new single will become a favorite anthem for fans of their unique style.

Describing his music fittingly as a “potpourri of musical genres,” True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists’ main man- Bill Jackson remains focused on designing music to entertain, educate, enlighten, and inspire. A multi-faceted musical collective, the eclectic band presents an impactful and all original brand of music- something that has not been tried in the industry before!

Embodying the universality and all-encompassing richness of music, True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists intend to achieve stellar status and create an enduring imprint in the minds of their listeners. “Christmas Cheer Is Here Again” is an enchanting single which gorgeously encapsulates an electric mix of emotions and musical styles, packaged to perfection.

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True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists consist of a collective of singers, musicians, hip hop artists, and spoken word artists. Featuring a whole spectrum of individuals cut across age, ethnicity, gender identity, and style, the fantastic band is a rising powerhouse of talent and force.

A genre-bending internet record label True Vibe Records is based in Oakland, California, and was founded by owner Bill Jackson, who has had a burning passion to offer a new genre of music to the listening public. This music, called Socially-Conscious Multi-Genre (SCMG) music spins together Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, and Poetry-inspired blends. Presenting music which consists of inspirational singing, conscious raising spoken word, and conscious hip hop lyrics over upbeat R & B, Jazz, Funk, Latin, and Blues instrumentation, True Vibe records Affiliated Artists are pushing the bounds of what it means to be a contemporary artist in Hip Hop.


True Vibe Records Affiliated Artists
Name: Bill Jackson
Address: 9, Oakland, CA
Email: [email protected]




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