An Upbeat, Sincere, and Insightful Americana Blend– Randie O’ Neil’s New Single “The Dance” Stuns All

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Award-winning Americana singer-songwriter Randie O\’Neil unveils new singles from a record that is sure to cement her unique brand

Easton, PA —October 31st, 2023 – Randie O’Neil, the sassy and award-winning Americana artist, has just released her latest single, “The Dance,” as a preview of her upcoming album. With an insightful and upbeat style, Randie’s music is rooted in personal experiences, weaving stories of strength, survival, and resilience.

She’s already gained recognition on Spotify playlists and in music videos. Randie aspires to reach a million streams with this single and looks forward to interviews and reviews to enhance her outreach. Her electric music embodies sincerity, making her relatable to listeners of all backgrounds.

Randie O’Neil, an accomplished Americana artist, has unveiled her latest single, “The Dance,” offering a tantalizing glimpse of her forthcoming album. With a unique blend of insight and a sassy, upbeat flair, Randie’s music is both heartfelt and authentic. However, what sets Randie apart as an artist is her ability to craft stories that resonate with a broad audience.

The artist’s enriching music has been honored with several awards, proof of the authenticity and emotion she infuses into her work. Randie’s songs are often woven with honest and witty lyrics that touch upon themes of heartache and resilience, all set to catchy melodies that linger in your mind long after the music stops.

With her roots-inspired sound, Randie has independently released multiple albums throughout her career. Following the success of her well-received EPs, “I’m Not That Girl” and “Here I Stand,” she now shares her much-awaited album, “Full Moon Rising.”

Randie O-Neil has teamed up with Big Records for the release on Sony Orchard, joined forces with Joe Estrada from Upstart Entertainment to secure radio coverage and interviews, and received international streaming support from Geert Haske.

Randie O’Neil’s music is an embodiment of sincerity, making it a universal and relatable experience for her listeners. Her music carries a message of strength and resilience, inspired by her own journey, and she invites everyone to join her on this remarkable musical adventure.

Stream the artist’s soulful and gripping new music on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. With her eyes set on reaching a million streams, Randie understands the power of interviews and reviews in growing her audience.



Randie O’Neil is an artist whose discography reflects rich, meaningful and heartfelt lyrics that are informed by her background as an adolescent intervention specialist. This experience succeeds in offering a real-world perspective to her storytelling, placing Randie on the path to a successful music journey. Partnering with Big Records for her release on Sony Orchard, the artist has collaborated with Joe Estrada from Upstart Entertainment for radio coverage and interviews and receiving international streaming support from Geert Haske.

Growing up in an abusive, alcoholic environment, the artist found solace and strength in her songs. Through her music, Randie conveys messages of understanding and courage, inspiring others to confront challenges and adversities, which are almost inevitable aspects of life. In the world of Americana/Folk-Pop, Randie O’Neil is recognized for her smooth and endearing sound, characterized by a dash of sass.


Randie O’Neil
Name: Randie O’Neil
Address: 202 Brynwood Dr, Easton, PA
Email: [email protected]
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