Anaya Music: Multi-Award-Winning-Artist, soulfulness composer, outstanding keyboardist.

Anaya Music: Multi-Award-Winning-Artist, soulfulness composer, outstanding keyboardist.

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Brasilia — Sunday, March 15th, 2020 — Secrets the newest Album of Anaya, released in March 2020. The latest release by Anaya is like a breath of fresh air flowing in through the room after a long dull winter, any album by this artist is always going to touch the heart and move the soul, but this new offering entitled Secrets seems to have an even greater level of positivity about its construction.

One of my personal favorites of the artists starts us on our journey and is called Breath; this neo-classical composition of great skill and fluency flows into the musical mind, like a soft gentle spring river through a revitalized forest glade, the energy here contains a wonderful sense of both gratitude and abundance.

The keyboards of Anaya are indeed the magic wand she uses to manifest glorious works of art into our realm like the piece The Cathedral, this almost haunting composition with a hint of Gregorian chanting manifests a moment of grandeur, and on For Love, you will find an emotive musical narrative, which contains some delightful string work within its refrains.

Anaya has slowly moved her style into the neo-classical from the new age, and it has really started to mature nicely, such evidence for this statement can be found on pieces like Because of You, and the powerful Once In Time, while the ambiance of her performances can be utterly enjoyed through offerings like cosmic Path.

Secrets by Anaya is absolutely a step up the ladder for the artist, and I would dare to say her best work so far, there is a sense of consistency here through each composition that is crafted beautifully, and each arrangement has been

carefully composed with the intent of getting it just right for the listener, and that she most certainly has done with ease. This is an album that is a sure-fire winner, and fans of multiple genres within the instrumental labyrinths of music, are going to just love Secrets by Anaya.

Anaya is a Multi-Award=Winning=-Artist, outstanding keyboardist and soulfulness composer.

Anaya won Awards in The Global Music Awards, Zone Music Reporter, Independent Music Awards, The Akademia Music Awards, The Clouzine International Music Awards, One Music Awards Radio, ISSA, The Indie Music Channel Awards,  The Uk Songwriting Contest and a voting member of The Recording Academy.

A multi-talented professional with a Mic, Ph.D. and  Post Doctoral degree by the Syracuse University.

Anaya album Secrets work can be  found in:

Secrets are about musically enlightened whispering voices of the skies, creating the vibration of timing through the gateway of love on Earth.

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About Anaya

Anaya Music, a Multi-Award-Winning artist (MSc, Ph.D., PostDoctor) is a Soulfulness and timeless composer and ethereal vocalist, outstanding keyboardist and she are passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and universal vibration of love and peace. She is a Grammy® voting member.




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