Anthems by Tim Houlihan


Anthems by Tim Houlihan

Anthems is the first album of the artist, Tim Houlihan, and the band named after him. It consists of two members, the lead vocalist, Tim Houligan himself and the bass player, Paul Madsen. Tim is a singer and a songwriter from St. Louis-born, and currently stays in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and continues to expand his music and its outreach.

Tim says that most of his songs are said to be drawn from his real life experiences. So far, he has given performances across the United States and Europe, and been part of gigs small and big. And this current album written and recorded in southern Portugal. Will this taste of country music that comes with a tint of Chicago Blues, jazz and rock, match to everyone’s liking? Well, let’s find out.

The album, which consists of 13 tracks, opens with the song, “Washington Square,” and form the performance of the track and the way it has been presented, considering every aspect, you can tell that the artist is proud of who he is, and does not hesitate in expressing himself. And his partner does an equally marvelous job with the strings.

The bass of all the tracks has perfect symphony and one can’t help but notice the strings, in isolation with the rest of the content in the tracks. The way the strings blend with the lyrics and the manner in which they enhance the beauty of the artist’s voice cannot simply be put in words.

Although most of the tracks seem enjoyable right in the beginning itself, some of the tracks such as “One and the Other” and “Midnight Out Here”  takes some getting used to. You do not really expect to like these songs, but as they proceed you notice the brilliance of each element that has gon e into the composing of the track.

The one aspect that makes these songs every bit unique and enjoyable is Tim’s writing. He shows his prowess as a lyricist and a writer though the words of this album. They convey the deep meaning of what the artist is trying to say.

This is one album you can never fail to notice and remember it by. The album is full of surprises and interesting treats for the audience. The artist’s exploration of rock, jive, blues and jazz is every bit striking, and has the charming quality of staying true to his roots.

Album Rating: 8/10


– Jesse Caldwell