Antoba has Released Album ‘Man on Earth’, with “Castles on Air”, “Petals of Roses” and 7 Other Tracks

Antoba has Released Album ‘Man on Earth’, with “Castles on Air”, “Petals of Roses” and 7 Other Tracks

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Singer/songwriter composes entire album on the piano


Birkirkara, Malta – April 11th, 2021 – Antoba, who has been making his compositions for the past twenty years, has released his latest album, ‘Man On Earth,’ on April 1st. This new release is a sequel to his previous album, ‘Glimpses of Heaven,’ The first album’s lyrical content is Gospel-oriented and soul searching on the artist’s part. “In your hands” was the driving force of it. Listeners will find themselves embarking on a deeply meditative and spiritual journey in the first album. Although released in 2016, songs for ‘Glimpses of Heaven’ were recorded as early as 2007.

The second album is a step forward in this spiritual journey. Listeners will experience maturity, acceptance, and forgiveness in this new album. For example, the track “Petals of Roses” deals with the topic of forgiveness, while “Wait and Feel” is about introspection and discovering one’s true self. “Castles on Air” is about communication problems. The musician’s poignant lyrics are based on a constant search for finding one’s grounding, being down to earth, and fulfilling one’s hopes and dreams. Accompanying Antoba’s powerful vocals, are some obvious elements of rock, making for a well-infused and highly enjoyable listening experience.

An account of his journey, Antoba is the singer, songwriter, and composer of his two albums. The artist takes a unique approach to recording music; he diligently chooses the chords over which his voice creates the melody of his songs and then he arranges them based on his keen musical sense and creativity. Every song starts in the form of prayer in his room’s solitude, a result of deep meditation and thinking. Antoba attempts to maintain the originality and earnestness of his music all along the way. He wants his listeners to feel energized, motivated, and touched by his compositions.

Antoba is inspired by Nina Simone, Carole King, Simon and Garfunkel, R.E.M, and U2, who have cultivated the pop and rock elements in the artist’s music, and by Gospel music as well.

Antoba started his music career with open mics, then proceeded to perform at bigger venues and festivals, and some of his songs have been broadcasted on local radios.

The artist aims to have his songs played on the radio and other online music-sharing platforms to develop a substantial following. In the meantime he keeps on writing new songs and plans to further spread his music by playing live as well.




Antoba grew up in a musical family with an environment that allowed him to be creative and make music. His grandfather, a prominent folksinger in the 50s and 60s, has also been an inspiration. Antoba has been songwriting ever since he was a teenager.


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