Archangel Fuses Genres With New EP ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’

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New EP Out December 24, 2019


Memphis, Tennessee – December 3, 2019 – Everyone yearns for reassurance throughout their lives, and that is what drove Memphis’ own Archangel when it came time to lay down the beats and blues of his upcoming release, ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’

Four tracks deep, ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’ does something a little out of left field by combining the soul of the blues with the grit of hip hop. The end result being an EP chalked full of raw emotion from the start of “Gotta Get My S#!t Together” to the very last note of the perfectly titled “Blues.” An experiment to say the least, combining blues and hip hop came naturally to Archangel. An artist with over 15 years to his name, he went into the studio and was able to lay down his vocals in one take.

‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’ is a beautiful addition to the musical realm in that it celebrates not one but two genres of music born, bred, and raised in the Black community. From the early days of the blues to the modern times of hip hop, ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’ took on the task of highlighting the best of each and delivered.

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, reviewing ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.,’ or interviewing Archangel can reach out via the information provided below.

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Archangel isn’t afraid to do the unexpected with his December 2019 release. Combining hip hop with the classic ways of the blues on his new EP, ‘G​.​R​.​O​.​W​.​N.’

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