Ashley J – Trapped


Ashley J – Trapped


“Trapped” the new song by pop vocalist and songwriter, Ashley J was released independently on May 19, 2017 via Ashley’s own production company, Bombshell Music, Inc. Written by the pop vocalist herself, Ashley J then got together with legendary songwriter/producer and Grammy winning, Narada Michael Walden to produce the new “Trapped” single.

A steamy single that needs no high-end production but gets it anyway. “Trapped” gets the treatment of and treats the public to a big single for Ashley J. There’s no mistaking his sound but that’s nothing to do with the song, which is most important. They meet in the middle but you still should to take note of Ashley’s timbre. She’s a fine singer and songwriter, so she’s going places and “Trapped” is what this song is all about. It’s a typical relationship song with a catchy top line that seals its pop perfection. But it crosses R&B and any funk lines too, and borders on hip hop. But she’s singing, not rapping. If you go back to the sound of “Dare Ya” from a previous single you can hear some country left in her from even before then, but none of that is to be found on “Trapped.” She has completely shed her roots for this and likely what’s to come, as she departs into deeper waters. This is what any female pop singer does and she does it with the best of ‘em. Just looking who’s she is working with and the tools he has at his studio. That’s not something everyone is doing, so the ripples of this track could be far and wide. It should be interesting to see how far this new single goes on the charts to take her higher than before. Who knows where the fickle wind will blow, and who cares for that matter when the aims are so high not most can even reach them anymore. What you get out of it are pure gems like this, and that is why they deserve high placement. And going from Tulsa to LA brought together two great sounds from previous singles that are now molded into one, but if her next EP stretches out there might be some of everything she offers on a release worth looking forward to. These things take time and Ashley has her whole career ahead of her, but she’s also come a long way already. This is a definite step up in every department. She clearly rocks all avenues. From the swift beat tracking into to the sheer moments of vocal delight she weaves in and out of thing song, it only spells one thing and that is success, backed by a huge success.

There are a lot of hits by this producer and everyone even knows some of them. That is hopefully the stamp of his approval not only shining through, but Ashley’s genuine songwriting prowess has as much to do with it as anything can describe on a hit record. And this has potential to be one, as well as he potential for world domination, or at least one nation at a time. It’s an every changing industry but it is one thing that won’t “trap” Ashley J.


Mike Tabor

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