Askie a Rap Miguel ready and already is making waves threw music threw the West Coast to the Midwest to Canada and Russia it’s real Music people can really feel and intense u can’t do nothing but listen!

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INDEPENDENCE, KS — Askie Rap Artist and Major producer that’s raising Hell To Cali To Kansas to Canada and Russia well known underground in the Rapper/Rap producer putting up Hella  Number$ on Spotify And YouTube check him out ASAP!

Askie Rap Lyrics will leave your speechless and wanting more he’s telling real stuff that can get him locked up big time but he doesn’t care he does it for he’s fans to him that’s all that matters Askies the Underground truth and he mixes and masters all his own songs major player in the rap game [email protected]

Askie is a major Rap Artist/ Producer he mixes and master all his songs his a major factor to he’s truth in his music just for his fans

Askie Rap Artist/producer Mogul mixes and master his own songs on Spotify, YouTube everywhere that has his own studio worth over $15,000 worth of studio equipment that he uses very swell

Askie The Most Underrated Rap Artist/ Producer a legend! Out there right now don’t sleep on this man you snooze you’ll lose big time!

Give this album a listen: Ride Wit A$kie




#Rap #Hip-hop #2024


Name: Adam Morgan
Address: 426 S 15TH ST, INDEPENDENCE, KS
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6207140823
Press Kit:


Google Music:


Source: ArtistPR

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