Austrian Musician ViennaCC’s Facebook Account Compromised, Taken Down by Platform

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Vienna, Austria —ViennaCC, the acclaimed Austrian musician and video producer, has recently fallen victim to a malicious cyber-attack resulting in the compromise and subsequent takedown of his Facebook account. The incident, which unfolded after ViennaCC clicked on a Facebook advertisement, serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat of cybercrime in today’s digital landscape.

According to ViennaCC, the ordeal began innocuously enough when he clicked on a seemingly harmless link within a Facebook advert. “I clicked on a link of a Facebook advert. Before running setup I checked on the net for some reviews, but I found nothing negative,” ViennaCC recounts. However, what followed was a sequence of events that would ultimately lead to the infiltration of his account.

“After running setup I saw nothing happening. Then my antivirus software reported that the setup file was moved to quarantine because it contains a virus,” ViennaCC explains. “It was recommended to restart the system, what I did. And I removed all files from this software.”

Despite taking swift action to mitigate the threat, ViennaCC was unable to prevent the unauthorized access to his Facebook account. “A little later, I checked back on Facebook, but it was too late. The account (/viennaccmusic) had already been taken down by Facebook,” ViennaCC laments.

In the aftermath of the attack, ViennaCC sought guidance from Facebook on how to address the breach. However, he found the platform’s support resources lacking. “I checked on Facebook what to do when the account was hacked, but that was not really helpful. I wrote an email to Facebook about what happened,” ViennaCC explains. “But I think Facebook is not interested to discuss my case because they have two billion accounts. One more or less does not matter for them.”

ViennaCC immediately changed all passwords of all actually open platforms.

What to do better?

Reflecting on the experience, ViennaCC offers valuable insights for others to safeguard against similar threats. “Before installing software, it’s imperative to check the internet for reviews and comments,” ViennaCC advises. “Take down the internet connection and wait a few minutes to see if antivirus software detects any potential threats.”

As ViennaCC navigates the aftermath of this cyber-attack, he remains committed to raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and encourages others to remain vigilant in protecting their digital assets.




ViennaCC is a multi-talented musician and video producer based in Austria. With a diverse portfolio spanning music production, videography, and photography, ViennaCC has garnered acclaim for his innovative approach to creative expression. Through his work, ViennaCC seeks to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. He already had nine TopTen hits in EuroIndieMusic and WorldIndieMusic charts including two number ones.



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