Authentic, Intimate, and Moving Personal Stories- Tim Camrose’s New Album ‘Half of My Life’ Bedazzles All

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A British singer-songwriter on the road to achieving his lifelong dream of writing and recording, Tim Camrose delivers stirring compositions with new drop

Manchester United Kingdom — September 28th, 2022 – Tim Camrose, a retired surgeon turned singer-songwriter, continues to enthrall audiences while pursuing his life-long dream of writing, recording, and performing original singles. Inspired by the many great songwriters he grew up listening to, such as Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel & Bob Seger, Tim Camrose released his very first album at the age of 60.

The gifted British artist presents stories that are rich in personal life experiences and reflections on his many travels. Beautifully titled ‘Half of my Life,’ the new release is a heartfelt, expressive, and moving record which marks a stunning 12-track debut by the dynamic artist.

‘Half of My Life’ dropped for audiences in June 2022 and featured Tim Camrose’s stellar songwriting, lyricism, and powerful vocals. Working alongside a great young producer and top-class session musicians, Tim underlines stories from his own unique life experiences. For instance, the album’s first track, ‘This is Chicago,’ delivers the story of the artist’s first night in Chicago when he went there to train as a young surgeon.

Having a strong affinity for the United States because of the valuable time he spent there over the years, Tim’s tracks feature many experiences from the country. “She saw Dolphins” is a true story set on a Californian boardwalk, and the song ‘Back to New York City’ narrates the feeling of breaking free to pursue a second chance.

The artist’s other heartfelt and mellow tracks highlight stories of growing up in London or looking after many homeless young people as a doctor in ‘Somewhere out there in the dark.’ His new album continues to empower audiences never to give up and continue chasing their dreams.

Visit Tim Camrose’s website to stream, listen, download, and enjoy his exciting new music! The artist remains open to doing interviews and collaborating with other contemporary musicians. For any queries, feel free to reach out through the artist’s email.



Tim Camrose is a singer-songwriter based in the Northwest of England. Tim was always a keen musician as a young man growing up in London and made a lot of music to a good standard. However, being compelled to pursue medical school, the artist gave up music for some 40 years and became a Surgeon and Professor in Manchester in the North of England. However, despite his career preoccupations, he continued to be inspired by tunes and lyrics going around in his head, waiting for the opportunity to self-actualize his passion.

Tim Camrose retired as a surgeon last year and is now finally pursuing his long-held dream to write, record, and perform his own songs. Having recently dropped his debut record, ‘Half of my Life,’ Tim Camrose narrates evocative stories, building upon his own personal life experiences.


Tim Camrose
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