Authentic Portrayals of the Injustices of the Industry: Dynamic Artist Nick Kibler Debuts New Studio Album

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An inspiring and impactful new mix, Nick Kibler’s new record, ‘Love Again’ sheds light upon the prevalent social and racial injustices that underpin the music world

South Wales, New York — May 17th, 2022- Marking a stunning debut with his new album ‘Love Again’, which was originally unveiled for listeners on March 29th, 2020, Nick Kibler hopes to light the flames of self-empowerment and self-awareness. Highlighting the social and racial injustices that plague the fabric of the music industry and the discrimination prevalent outside of it, Nick Kibler has soared to new heights, through a stirring and disruptive new record.

Complete with powerful song writing and catchy rhythms, ‘Love Again’ is a testament to persevere against the force of injustice- those who dishonestly steal and copy music, without asking creator’s express consent.

An emotionally charged, empowering, and magnetizing composition, ‘Love Again’ draws inspiration from Eminem’s “music to be murdered by” and side B deluxe edition. Influenced by real life struggles, the new record also manifests a product of a lawsuit which Nick Kibler was a part of. A valiant struggle against a web of lies, corruption, and discriminatory injustice, the lawsuit paved Kibler’s trajectory of finding justice in an unjust world.

Inspiring truth and positivity, Nick Kibler’s music is rife with messages of love, self-actualization, and empowerment, as well as fitting comedic elements to enthrall audiences. The artist’s musical foray was heralded partly by his own life experiences. Growing up, Nick Kibler had to independently take care of himself, in the absence of elders, learning many tools of survival in a cut-throat world.

“Whether it’s during recording or in post-production, every song needs a lot of work done before being released to all the stores. A solid mix and master in post-production is crucial for the success of any song,” says Kibler, reflecting on his artistic process.

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A formidable name within the music industry, Nick Kibler is a talented artist, song writer, and producer from New York. Inspired to make an impact in the music industry, Nick has written and produced tracks for artists from all around the United States, as well as five recording artists from the UK.

For the seasoned artist, music is more than just a product, rather, it represents something that he dearly values and loves. Galvanizing others to chase their dreams is Nick’s main goal, not just in music, but in every avenue that one explores and witnesses within life’s journey.

Since 2014, Nick Kibler has been featured on Billboard, iTunes, and an array of magazine passages. The 27-year-old artist has achieved 4X- multi-platinum producer status, from ‘Purpose (Deluxe)’, and over 9X platinum status in song-writing accreditations, for tracks such as: “Where Are U Now”, “Cold Water”, and “Let me Love You.”



Nick Kibler
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