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Desert Dreams: the latest offering by Autopilot


Track Name Rating
Desert Dreams 3.5/5
Oceanside 3/5
This City 3.5/5
Battles 4/5
Crossing Borderlines 2.5/5
Tuesday Afternoon Processions 3/5
Desert Dreams, Pt II 2/5

‘Desert Dreams’ comes as the latest offering from the indie, alternative rock band,  Autopilot, which based out of askatchewan.‘Distant Dreams’ is produced by produced, recorded and mixed by S.J. Kardash at Full Color Studios in Saskatoon and mastered by Dave Greenberg at Sonopod Mastering in St. Petersburg, FL. And within the very first week of its release, the album debuted in the National Top 50 Earshot charts and was added to SiriusXM’s Iceberg Radio. The album contains seven tracks, two of which are title tracks, which have stark differences despite having the same track.

The band came up with their first album in 2007, which was titled ‘Now It’s Time You Know What You’re Losing For,’ produced by Joel Passmore of Rah Rah. The band has so far received a largely good response from its audience and has continued to release full-length albums and EPs since then.

  1. Desert Dreams

The track has a divine charm to it, brought out by the brilliant vocals and the textures of the music presented as a form of a pattern. The track is made more brilliant by the amazing bass in the background.

  1. Oceanside

This track definitely does justice to the title as it reminds you of the pleasant ocean side, taking you along with the beauty of the lyrics, to a distant place. The lyrics are the soul of the song and manages to make it truly lively.

  1. This City

This track has the vibrant quality of a new and buzzing city, which unfortunately are not quite reflected in the lyrics. The best part of the track remains the instrumental part, which has been carefully put out by the band.

  1. Battles

The band seems to be good at picking out good titles and matching the musical and the lyrical content of the song, with the title. It is amazing how the track brings out the vivaciousness that the title is trying to convey.

  1. Crossing Borderlines

This song doesn’t really strike chord with you as much as the others did. Despite a fairly well composition, the song doesn’t have the appeal to grab your attention quite as much.

  1. Tuesday Afternoon Processions

In this track, you can observe the true power of the vocals of the lead singer. His voice certainly has that charm and the convincing power to tell you what the lyrics truly mean.

  1. Desert Dreams Pt. II

The song is a completely different genre compared to the others, and doesn’t really reflect the freshness that the band portrays. This song may not match to everyone’s liking.

Album Rating: 7/10


– Phil Koping

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