Awakening Roots Music for your soul! JJ and The Mystics release ‘Rise Above’

Awakening Roots Music for your soul! JJ and The Mystics release ‘Rise Above’

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Awakening Roots Music for the soul! JJ and The Mystics are bringing a sound and a message of spirit and force with their New Single ‘Rise Above’
Austin, Texas — This is powerful uplifting music! Blending Roots, Rock, Reggae and Soul Blues with the sounds of Spirit. Emerging from the Enchanted Lands of New Mexico, They now make their mark in the Texas music scene based in Austin.

JJ and The Mystics’ release this moving and explosive single ‘Rise Above’ with the hopes to uplift and inspire. “This is a song about the human spirit and our innate ability to rise from the ashes and overcome” says founder JJ Raschel. ‘Rise Above’ is sure to bring you to tears, warm your heart and even motivate you into pure adrenaline with the organic percussion and melody, exploding into lighting vocals and soaring guitars!

Moving forward from the first Album ‘Golden Shore’ a mystical, roots rock epic and the new single, JJ has partnered with the prestigious and acclaimed Edgewater Music Group, based in Sugar Land, Texas in the Houston area. They’re Recording the new EP set to come out in March of 2022 partnered with Sony Music, and The Orchard, an award-winning division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Their new upcoming EP entitled ‘Dance Your Spirit Free’ is another fusion of Rock n Roll, Roots, and Reggae Soul vibes with emotionally charged tracks like, ’SoulTribe’, ‘Rising Wave’, ‘Your Heart’, and ‘Baby Please’. This music is not only sure to lift your spirit and heal but is also guaranteed to get you on your feet and on the dance floor.

JJ and The Mystics continue to build their fast-growing social media following promoting topics such as meditation, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening and of course the true power of conscious, roots rockin’ groove music with many world influences.

Watch JJ and The Mystics rise in the lights of the Texas live music scenes and spread like wildfire to markets around and across the world!

Follow their journey @ and their social media growth and movement for your experience. The group is also offering 3 free downloads from their debut album @



JJ and The Mystics’ is the musical work of New Mexico born singer-songwriter & guitarist JJ Raschel in association with multiple multi-background musicians… The approach is always through a natural unity, respect and co-creation.

“All of the Musicians I Get to Work with Are My Most Generous Teachers, Co-Creators and Friends. I’m Truly Blessed They’ve All Given Me Chance and Been So Generous to Me.”-JJ Raschel

Uplifting Blues Rock, Reggae & Roots infused with mystical influences. Bringing people to dance with uplifting lyrics and meditative sounds to roots, bluesy rock, reggae, folk and soul.  JJ and The Mystics has played hundreds of shows in and around New Mexico since 2019.
JJ has recently moved to Austin TX, where the Mystics are cultivating a new nucleus of fans and culture.


JJ and The Mystics
Name: JJ Raschel
Email: [email protected]





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