Be Balanced with Within Our Sins


Within Our Sins ReviewWithin Our Sins know how to find the balance in life when it comes to rock. “The Far Side” isn’t just a collection of hilarious comics you read when you’re done with your work at school. It’s a rocking song that builds up to give you an epic time whether you’re hearing it live or within the confines of your car. Vocally, it’s not as heavy as one would expect. You could compare the vocals to the guy from Live. They rock, but have harmonies as well. Speaking of, you can really hear that in “Suffocating.” Here, you would think you were listening to a mix that had Hoobastank on it. With “Silver Bullet” we get a strong sense of the rock. This is the first time we get those growling vocals in a huge dose. Lastly, “Dr. Kyle” continues to bring that rock and roll vibe in a heavy way. So it’s a nice balance between rock and harmony with Within Our Sins. If you like bands that are somewhere between Live and Asking Alexandria, check out Within Our Sins now. (