Beatrice Nneamaka Allen Delivers Inspirational Tunes For All Ages

Beatrice Nneamaka Allen Delivers Inspirational Tunes For All Ages

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Alberta, Canada – August 8, 2019 – When Beatrice Nneamaka Allen first started down her career path, it was as a registered nurse. A job that is appreciated on all levels, it’s about giving back to those in need and having a heart. With that already ingrained into her, her next step into the world of gospel music was not a surprise. Now she’s celebrating her latest single, “A Million Praise.”

“A Million Praise” is the newest single from Beatrice Nneamaka Allen. It follows her 2017 release, Wherever You Go. Like “A Million Praise,” Wherever You Go is chocked full of inspiration. With songs such as the title track, “Beauty for Ashes,” and “Open the Gates” bringing both life and entertainment to the table, it’s a nonstop inspirational train that listeners will not want to get off of. The same can and is said about “A Million Praise.”

Her latest single is a serene and emotive track that fans of contemporary gospel will enjoy. Those interested in adding “A Million Praise” to their gospel playlists, reviewing the single, or interviewing Beatrice Nneamaka Allen can reach out via the information provided below.

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Beatrice Nneamaka Allen is a registered nurse by trade, and a singer by the way of the Lord. It’s in her nature to help those in need and now she wants to aid those with her soothing gospel music on her latest release, Wherever You Go.

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