Better a Fool Than Aloof – by Elliot Schneider

Better a Fool Than Aloof – by Elliot Schneider

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Better a Fool Than Aloof: A classy composition by Elliot Schneider


Singer-songwriter, Elliot Schneider has been on the music for a lot more years, compared to any of his contemporaries. His latest album ‘Better a Foor Than Aloof,’ which has 12 tracks is probably the culmination of all the work that he has done over the years.

His first album, ‘Surreal Survivor,’ which released in 1986, was a huge hit with the audience as it went on to become the No.1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases mp3 chart in Rock/Oldies & Retro.

Schneider, who is famous if the New York and San Francisco music scene, got back to the music scene after a hiatus of about fifteen years, during which he became a philosophy and history high school teacher. Even during his years of absence from the music scene, he kept his love music alive by jamming with high school bands, to an audience of predominantly the teenage crowd.

During his hiatus, Schneider was diagnosed with breast cancer. After beating the cancer successfully, Schneider decided to get back on the music scene to produce his second album, ‘If Looks Could Kill, I’d Wear Mirror Sunglasses,’ which was equally successful and much appreciated.

Schneider, who is almost nearing 70 now, has released his third and latest album, ‘Better a Fool than Aloof.’

The album is filled with the best picks and some disappointments, especially the first two songs, ‘I’m the One’ and ‘A Key to You.’ One cannot exactly, put their finger on what is so unappealing about these two songs, but there definitely is something haywire about the way it is delivered. For one, the vocals aren’t exactly at their best and the music just fails to impress you. The songs have no sense of continuity and sound like a complete patch work, failing to catch the listener’s attention.

On the bright side, there are songs that are completely opposite of the first two songs. The artist’s years of experience are evident from the rest of the songs, be it the composition, the lyrical talent or surprisingly, the vocals. In songs such as ‘I’m Back in the USA’ and ‘Any Angel Can Have Me,’ Schneider is definitely at his best and gives a performance of a lifetime.

The fact that Schneider is an extraordinary songwriter in himself is evident from each and every track of the album. The tracks have a deep seated meaning and convey the artist’s wistful yet pleasant take on the love, life and home.

Every song is very distinct in itself and the artist has a way delivering them which makes him stay with you for quite a while. Especially the song, ‘Home Free All, is one track that is immensely enjoyable and one which you will be humming for quite a while.


Album Rating: 7.5/10

– Darren Smith

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