Bill Sheridan Passes Away At Age 53

Bill Sheridan Passes Away At Age 53

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Guitarist And Singer/Songwriter From The Immigrants Passes Away

Boston, Massachusetts – The ones we love are always taken from us too quickly. Bill Sheridan, the guitarist in the rock duo, The Immigrants, passed away peacefully at his home after a long battle with cancer on January 4, 2021. He was only 53. His death was announced by his brother, Dan Sheridan, the drummer in The Immigrants.

At the time of his passing away, Bill Sheridan was surrounded by his friends and family to exude as much love and warmth as Bill did in his lifetime.

As a singer/songwriter in his band, The Immigrants, Bill composed many songs with his brother Dan which were released on a 16-song CD entitled Charlestown on Railway House Records to favorable reviews in the music press.

As a tribute to Bill, The or 104.9 FM played two of The Immigrant’s songs with a small dedication in between. The radio played two original songs, ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Jackie Boy,’ both of which are inspiring rock songs.

Bill Sheridan had a love for music that he channeled through his band. The band made inspiring rock music and was considered a more underground band. As a part of the duo, husband and father Bill Sheridan was an avid guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

All of Bill Sheridan’s music released through The Immigrant is available to stream and buy on their official website. The touching tribute is also available to listen to. For more information, reach out via the information provided below.



Bill Sheridan was a loving husband, father, and brother who passed away on January 4, 2021, after a long battle with cancer. As a tribute to his passing away, the local radio played two songs by his band, The Immigrants. Bill and Dan Sheridan were brothers that made up the rock duo The Immigrants.


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