BLACK a new EP by S.Q.I.D.

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Mainz, RLP, Germany — The music world is set to experience a trailblazing phenomenon as S.Q.I.D., led by Christian Duncker, unveils their latest album titled “BLACK.” This album stands out with its unique blend of Dance Electro House, marking a new chapter in the band’s creative journey.

The distinctive Dance Electro House style of S.Q.I.D. beautifully merges various musical elements, showcasing an impressive fusion of genres. From the energetic beats of “Kick It” to the emotional depth of “I Wish U Could See There is Nothing for Me but U,” “BLACK” engages listeners from start to finish, highlighting the exceptional creativity of Christian Duncker and his band.

“BLACK” serves as a testament to music’s ability to transcend boundaries and explore new territories. This album proves that S.Q.I.D. is not just a band, but a musical pioneer, fearlessly navigating uncharted waters and setting new standards in the music industry. Their unique sound is sure to attract those seeking novel and innovative auditory experiences.

Under the guidance of Christian Duncker, S.Q.I.D. has produced an album in “BLACK” that promises to leave an indelible mark on its listeners. The music speaks volumes, positioning S.Q.I.D. as a powerhouse of creativity and innovation.

In summary, with the release of “BLACK,” S.Q.I.D. enriches the music scene with their unique Dance Electro House style, offering an unparalleled experience to listeners and setting the stage for future musical masterpieces from this ascending band.

For fans enthralled by “BLACK” and keen to discover more, S.Q.I.D.’s official website is the gateway to further information and updates about the band. Visit to delve into the extraordinary realm of S.Q.I.D.’s music.



S.Q.I.D. epitomizes the notion of versatility in music, with their ability to generate unique songs; constructed by blending myriads of styles together. With the song writer and composer, Christian Dunker at the helm, this band is set to sail gracefully in the ocean of talent. As an artist, Christian is determined to create songs of exceptional quality which reflect his creative potential and are bound to mesmerize his audience for times to come.


Name: S.Q.I.D.
Address: Finther Landstraße 79, Mainz, RLP, Germany
Email: [email protected]
Phone: ‭017685609108‬
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