Blister – No Good Deeds

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Blister – No Good Deeds


“1 girl, 2 guys, 3 chords, blood, sweat, and feedback” is the motto that Blister has taken since their formation way back when in 1996. To this day though, that motto still stands strong and means so much to them, it is hard knowing that it would not make them, who they are today without it.

With that said this is their album they have called “No Good Deeds”. A well rounded piece of work that stands beyond our time barriers as we speak of it. Not sure if that makes any sense to anyone reading this, but thought it would be fun to say it. Anyway this album consisting of 19-tracls of material is quite the feet, at a runtime of almost 60 minutes in length, you are in for quite the experience if you can call it that. Which of course you can, no harm done.

“Brainwash”, “Your World”, “Boyfriend’s Armageddon”, and “Two51”, are probably the only tracks you will need to hear on this album. The other tracks offered are good don’t get me wrong. But these songs right here just bring out that amount of energy that this band is known to create. They say that their genre choices revolve around punk rock, garage rock, with some metal thrown in and all of that can be heard upon these song selections alone. That heaviness, raw, progression of material just getting your body so upset with emotion you won’t know which way to feel.

Which is why Blister’s way of creating music works so well. That is what their music does to your mind and body. You hear their source material, not knowing how to feel about it. Part of you wants to jump up and down, or bob your head to the beats, while another part of you just feels drained of all of your energy with a sock to the stomach. It just sort of hits you all at once when listening to these songs, or any of the others on this album really. Blister is able to create such emotions that they themselves are not even aware of what they are doing to people who hear their music. No that’s not it, of course this band knows what they are doing, it is what they do and they do it best of course!

As for the band Blister though they have been through quite a lot. They did form way back when as mentioned above. But since then they have had some difficult moments in their career path as musicians. Losing a member to an illness for one. Another bringing themselves to even wanting to continue creating music, finishing up this album as a band even without that member around to hear it’s finished product. That was the hardest thing for them to do as a band. But luckily for them they were able to do it and pull it off rather nicely.

It is sad that their band may never be the same as it was back in the day. But they are still Blister with an album under their belts called ‘No Good Deeds”. The title may be misleading but that does not mean the material upon it, is that way. This is an album with pure punk rock goodness centered all over it, it is filled with the memories of the past and present. To be preserved to the ends of time for the guys and girl in a little band called Blister.


Taylor May

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