BONESDRONES – Music That Is Meant To Astound

BONESDRONES – Music That Is Meant To Astound

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Emerging band BONESDRONES is ready to hit the music scene with its new album by evoking a soulful storm and taking the listener on a highly dynamic journey

Windsor, CO — Catering to audiences interested in deep, soulful melodies compared to loud, catchy jingles, the band BONEDRONES has released a new album, ‘Red Feather’. The band consists of a two-brother duo gifted with an exceptional talent for creating heart-touching music.

BONEDRONES has released their album, ‘Red Feather’, as an ode to the time spent in the Northern Colorado mountains. The two brothers have attempted to capture an intimate and peaceful time they experienced at a secluded campsite.  Listeners will embark on an emotional journey and experience a milieu of sentiments through this new album. After all, this was the goal of the two brothers. The compositions for the new album have been skillfully mastered by David Glasser, adding finesse to the creative talent of this band.

The album, though short in duration,  is best understood when listened from start to finish.  “Falling in and out”, “Warsong”, “Mountain Dusk”, and “Find another way” could all be singles, while “Golden West” and the deep acoustic cutthroat song “Before you die” adds rounded emotion to the album.

BONEDRONES have a special message for all their listeners, “Enjoy the music”. The band takes great pleasure in interacting with fans and listeners. Feel free to reach out to them on their socials.




BONEDRONES is a unique band with a unique aim. The two brothers who constitute this band write and record original music to capture their own spiritual and emotional journeys. The band name Bone and Drone, according to the brothers, is “a description for being able to travel all emotions through music”.


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