Brand new artist and hottest new producer in the country: Introducing to the world Waw*Mart

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Drafting outstanding compositions and playing around with a diverse bunch of genres, rising artist Waw*Mart is well on his way to become a breath of fresh air in the world of music

Atlanta, Georgia – June 27th, 2021 – up-and-coming artist Karam Jameel Moore, who goes by the stage name Waw*Mart, is a brand new artist in the world of Pop. With the release of his brand new single titled “HyperVentilate” on October 31st, 2020, the artist has showcased his incredible musical skills for the entire world to admire and appreciate.

With themes of Hip Hop and a light touch of Urban, the single is a perfect mix and match of a bunch of genres. Keeping his main focus on Pop, the budding artist plays around genres of Brit-pop, Urban, and Hip Hop. Waw*Mart is a singer, songwriter, and producer, who has worked on all his songs by himself. From the writing process, to getting down in the studio for recording, producing, and mixing, Waw*Mart is a one man army. He has been immensely successful in his musical career so far, hence he’s the CEO of Sippi Boy Entertainment. He’s considered the hottest new producer in the country, a title which makes his success very evident.

Apart from “HyperVentilate”, he has a number of compelling tracks including “Own Love Her”, and “I Like You Girl” amongst others. With all songs being extremely unique in their own way, Waw*Mart has proved himself to be a highly creative artist. He has an outstanding artistic vision and individuality, which makes him stand out amongst his peers. His music has variety, versatility, and illuminance. This sort of variety is part of the reason why people admire him this much, they are aware that variety is key. He is a multi-genre artist who experiments with all kinds of sounds in order to come up with a musical style unique to him. This approach helps him in being open-minded and explorative towards new things.

Waw*Mart looks forward to continuing his musical journey, making more music and expanding his horizons. He wants to be successful enough to be able to tour the world, meeting devoted fans and inspiring others along the way.

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Call to Action: Visit all his social media sites and follow @WawMart or @Waw_Mart. Also, listen to his other singles including “iStill L.O.V.e. (feat. Nicki Minaj)”, “Parking Lot Pimpin’ (feat. 2 Chainz)”, “Boo (feat. Slim Dunkin’)”, “Wally World 3 (feat. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em)”, “Red Promethazine (feat. Pimp C)”. Download his sophomore album ‘Trap’ – includes hit single “Whip It!”. Listen to his promotional album ‘Waw Mart 2’ or as called ‘emotion’.
For any other reviews, listen to his ongoing album ‘Waw*Mart’.

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Karam Jameel Moore aka Waw*Mart is a singer, songwriter, and record producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on July 24th, 1984 in United States of America. Producing music all his life, he became the CEO of Sippi Boy Entertainment.

His main area of excellence is the genre of Pop, with touches of Brit-pop, Urban, and Hip Hop. His sound is full of feels and emotions – one cannot help but get emotional listening to his music.



Name: Karam J.-
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: (470) 944-0470
Full Business Address: P.O Box 7623
Atlanta, Georgia 30357
United States




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