Breaking Musical Boundaries with Authentic Music – David Jame$ Releases “Country Boy” from ‘Tomorrow’s Not Promised’

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David Jame$ inspires and mesmerises audiences with his enriching new Country single, showcasing a remarkable journey through music and life

omaha, Nebraska —David Jame$ is thrilled to announce the release of his new single “Country Boy,” which debuted on May 10th and serves as a lead track off his sophomore album “Tomorrow’s Not Promised,” set to drop later this year. His music, deeply rooted in the country genre, reflects his life experiences and his journey towards healing and empowerment.

David’s career has been marked by notable achievements and contributions, especially in the realm of social advocacy. In 2006, he wrote and performed “Let Me” for the Special Olympics organization, marking his first major public performance.

This experience set the stage for a series of influential appearances, including performing at the Special Olympics USA National Games and the 2015 Special Olympics World Games alongside legends like Stevie Wonder and Avril Lavigne. His performances have not only showcased his musical talent but also his dedication to causes that champion inclusivity and understanding.

Beyond the stage, David Jame$ is recognized as one of the Special Olympics’ most decorated athletes and a hall of famer. His pioneering spirit extends into sports as one of the first adaptive MMA fighters in the world and the current 145lb Fight for Autism champion. These accolades underline his multifaceted talents and his relentless pursuit of breaking barriers, both in music and in life.

David’s influence in music and his advocacy for mental health are intertwined, each performance and song carrying a message of resilience, faith, and hope. The talented artist’s upcoming album, “Tomorrow’s Not Promised,” promises to delve deeper into themes of overcoming adversity and embracing each day with courage and optimism.

Fans and new listeners are encouraged to follow David Jame$ on his musical journey and support his mission to inspire and uplift. The artist’s beautiful singles are available for streaming on all digital platforms, and updates about his performances and life stories can be found on his website.

As he prepares to take the country music world by storm and perform at various festivals, David Jame$ invites everyone to engage with his music, share in his journey, and find joy and connection in his songs!



David Jame$, a fresh face in the country music scene from Omaha, Nebraska, is quickly gaining recognition not just for his melodious talent but also for his uniquely inspirational journey. Born with mild cerebral palsy, David experiences limited mobility in his left arm and leg, which presented numerous challenges during his formative years.

The artist encountered adversity ranging from bullying to significant physical and emotional hurdles. Despite these obstacles, David’s indomitable spirit and deep-rooted passion for music have propelled him forward. He has channeled his experiences into his songs, using his platform to advocate for mental health awareness and the importance of vulnerability. His heartfelt dedication to using music as a conduit for inspiration and hope has established him as a symbol of resilience and empowerment for many.


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