Breaking through the Music Industry: Introducing to the World Miles Newby

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With a bunch of songs released and a lot more getting ready to be released in the upcoming months and years, emerging artist Miles Newby is all set to take over the world of music

New York, New York – October 26th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Miles Newby is a true force to be reckoned in the world of music. With years of experience delving into the various elements of music and countless musical capabilities on hand, the artist is considered well-equipped when it comes to playing around with unique beats. Miles Newby has released his latest single titled “Change” this year along with a brand new album titled ‘Infatuated’.

With the release of the single and the album along with a bunch of other brand new releases, the emerging artist is getting his original sound out there in the world and rising through the music industry. Emerging as a brand new artist of the era with a unique and individual sound, Miles Newby is a breakout artist of the time who’s currently breaking through the world of music. Although the talented artist excels in most musical elements and genres, his main area of expertise are the genres of Rap, Pop, Alternative, and Hip Hop. With the release of “Change” on October 22nd, 2021, Miles Newby really is bringing a change in the world of Hip Hop by bringing something new to the table. His music is a breath of fresh air for Pop and Rap fans all around the world. “Bad Intentions”, released on October 1st, 2021, is another of Miles latest singles which is heavily dominated by rich themes of Alternative Rap. The single “Nothin’ New” was released by the artist on July 30th, 2021, whereas the single “Two Times” was released on July 16th, 2021. Another Alternative Rap single titled “Waitin” was released by Miles on July 2nd, 2021.

“Bare Souls” and “Comfortably Numb” are two of Miles Newby songs that were released as singles in 2021 as well as part of his full-length album ‘Infatuated’. Releasing on January 28th, 2021, ‘Infatuated’ consists of a total of 13 original tracks. Miles Newby is an extremely versatile artist who makes a wide range of music. His music varies from trap Hip Hop music to emotional lofi style to Pop music. Combining different styles of music and coming up with a musical direction of his own in the end is something that makes Miles Newby stand out amongst other artists.

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Melodic, heavy-hearted, and impressively delivered, Miles Newby’s music is a reflection of the human experience. With keen attention to detail and a tremendous emphasis on quality, Miles is making waves in contemporary pop, hip hop, and alternative music circles.

Each song he composes is a hand-written journal entry that was only repurposed as music as an afterthought. Invested in his story, Miles mixes, masters, and writes all his own music – with considerable finesse.


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