Breathing Life into Summer Feelings with Vibrant Electronic and Dance Pop Music – TOMiGOTTi Amazes with New Single

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Live, experience, and enjoy- TOMiGOTTi’s new single “Everytime,” is an emotional single that highlights how important it is to let go and flourish

Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria — September 30th, 2022 – Be it infectious Pop and Dance beats or magnetizing Electronic rhythms, TOMiGOTTi’s newest single, “Everytime,” has got it all. Inviting listeners to lose themselves in the power of emotions, the new single forms a vivid recollection of all the late summer vibes that must always persist.

Getting every listener deep amidst their emotional summer feelings, TOMiGOTTi’s new single is rife with colorful and vibrant synths, melodic vocals, and a powerful drop that brings all the summer sentiments to life. Highlighting the subtlety and range of the dynamic producer-artist, “Everytime” is a fantastic addition to TOMiGOTTi’s growing arsenal.

The stunning new track is about a relationship not based on mutual respect which lacks the right balance to sustain it. “Everytime” underscores the idea that after many lows, a person can finally break away from their partner to fully blossom again in life.

The moving, compelling story shows audiences how important it is to let go and find yourself rooted back into your life. To live, experience, and enjoy life’s many diverse, unique, and vibrant colors is the goal that the artist underlines with his new single.

An unabashed plug-in junkie, TOMiGOTTi knows precisely where he is going with his music – even though writing plug-ins isn’t the same as producing songs, and it takes plenty of talent, dedication, passion, and diligence. Though it’s still early days for the talented and rising music prodigy, TOMiGOTTi is now very well on the way to realizing and actualizing his ambitions!

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Up-and-coming Italian-born music artist and producer, TOMiGOTTi, is based in Innsbruck in Austria). Originally hailing from Bolzano/Bozen, South Tyrol, TOMiGOTTi discovered his passion for electronic music at 13. When Italian Dance music was riding high on the dance charts, the artist first emerged as a DJ under the pseudonym “DJ Tom.” He soon found himself on stage in various clubs and parties as a sought-after special guest who knew how to get any party lit up.

However, very soon, the realities of life caught up with him, and his passion for music was put on hold. Tom went on to complete his studies before entering professional life. Yet his one overriding passion never left him: his yearning to produce his own music. It took over 20 years before he finally gave in to his calling and, at the age of 40, began to produce music. Inspired by artists such as Kygo, Robin Schulz, Avicii, and other dance-music greats, TOMiGOTTi’s dream of producing his own tracks finally came to fruition.


Name: Thomas Fedrigotti
Email: [email protected]




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