Breathing Sensuality and Spice into EDM Music: Magik’A All Set to Unleash Its Power

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The blazing, sexy new single from up-and-coming artist Magik’A is all you need to turn up the heat and get yourself moving and grooving to catchy, Prince-inspired beats

Carmel, CA – December 16th, 2020- A rich powerhouse of stunning and sensual EDM music, Magik’A offers the best that today’s fast-paced, modern pop scene needs: a hot and anticipated singing and songwriting talent. Combining elements that can be described as both sensual, provocative and fun, the artist promises a rich and varied musical composition that is bound to make anyone want to let loose, explore and feel the beat. To kill the blues and the winter melancholy, Magik’A offers sexy combinations that channel her own feminine spirit and the fun and frenzy that pop music is characterized with in today’s moving musical scene.

Named in honor of her late friend and band manager, Majestik Magnificent, who is also credited as a main songwriter of her hot single, Magik’A titled herself and styled her artistic journey after her friend. Her hot and tempting new single, titled “Your Sex Is Just So Good” is a promising, new single that will make any listener feel at ease as they take in the upbeat, positive and fun vibes of the sexy new masterpiece. Magik’A recognizes how hard 2020 has been with crashing economies and COVID-19 pandemic hurling obstacles in the way of anything positive. Her sensual music provides a much-needed escape from the troubles and trials of 2020, and promises to make anyone feel enlivened and enthralled by the sexy compositions and strong EDM beats.

A talented powerhouse, Dance music vocalist Magik’A is a talent that promises to make Pop return to its hot and sexy roots. Her new single “Your Sex Is Just So Good,” is aimed at doing exactly that, making sure sexiness and sensuality is appreciated and sexuality is upheld. Magik’A brings a lot to the EDM scene, including a classically-trained voice, an international background, and a sincere wish to help people be happy in their own homes while surviving this period of global sadness. “Your Sex Is Just So Good” is a unique, rich and characteristic single that brings about a fresh and welcoming wave of newness and originality to Pop and EDM. Her sensual and arousing, ultra-cool track is bound to make anyone feel the beat and forget all their day to day, monotonous troubles as they feel the absolute pleasure that this song promises, including a serotonin surge. Once this fresh single blows up at speakers anywhere, this promising singer will be reaching unimaginable heights. Inspired by the likes of DJ Tiesto and Robert Miles, Magik’A is an A-List star on the road towards glory and popularity, as she takes over the EDM industry and the glitzy EDM scene of modern music.




Originally from Eastern Europe, Magik’A has pursued her diva and EDM Queen dreams since the age of six. Now based in sunny California, she has developed into a unique and original recording artist with huge crossover potential. Her authentic classical background and lifetime love of EDM will bring her music to the ears of a global audience starving for a fresh breath of air in EDM and Pop music. “Your Sex Is Just So Good” is the ultimate girls-night-out track for our present stay-at-home era and will be followed by more amazing singles that will carry Magik’A to a promising platinum status. Dance music fans seeking future superstars need to hear Magik’A tonight and join her as she only grows and continues to bless EDM with her unique richness and artistic capabilities.

Magik’A is a self-identified crossover singer as she has traversed and explored numerous genres and musical forums like Pop, Broadway and Opera. She does not aim to put a limit or stop to her creativity and plans on exploring all three genres to become a maestro and increase her artistic grip over one. Magik’A claims that she has fun making all kinds of music and caring about people’s emotions and what make them happy or sad. Her music aims to channel emotions that people feel every day and make music that is both relatable and positive. The sensual new track continues on this promise.



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