Brian Pharaoh – Sorry single review


Brian Pharaoh – Sorry single review 

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There’s a whiff of destiny surrounding the release of Brian Pharaoh’s new single “Sorry”. Years of military service denied Pharaoh the chance to chase his musical dreams from 2003 until now, but Pharaoh never betrays the absence. He swings into the song’s lyrics with unabashed glee and full commitment. Nearly fifteen years has passed since Pharaoh’s first album Gettin’ My Feet Wet and this song is the world’s first taste from his impending second album. The world has changed a lot in the last thirteen years, but “Sorry” amply demonstrates that Brian Pharaoh can adept spectacularly.  

A musical career is a tricky thing to kick start and working with a recognizable form can help immensely. “Sorry” is a song cut from a mold and, as such, adheres to formula. Formulas aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The thing that distinguishes these efforts is how an artist deals with the formula. Do they push past its familiarity and find inspiration from the material or give a bloodless, professionally precise performance that touches the bases but doesn’t move anyone? Fortunately, Pharaoh digs into this song with considerable relish. He rolls the words around his mouth and slurs them out with unseemly, unapologetic joy.  

Songs are hard to mess up. Virtually everyone has experienced this track’s experiences in some way and attention to detail, a good sense of humor, and the right accompaniment will result in a home run. “Sorry” has all of those elements – a catchy chorus, colorful instrumental fills, and an inner pull dragging it towards its inevitable end. There’s precious little reason why this song, with the proper promotion and exposure, can’t catch fire and find a widespread audience.  

There’s a surprising amount of rock and roll attitude driving this erstwhile country song. It shares a down to earth attitude with the country genre, but the rough-hewn guitar, pounding drums, and percussive piano fills are total rock moves. It doesn’t ever attempt to bulldoze listeners, but Pharaoh’s music on “Sorry” has a strident march that won’t be denied.  

When you write your first song at five years old, you’re likely meant to do this. Life pulls us all down unexpected paths, but we invariably find our way back to our heart’s desire if we take the time to heed its wants. “Sorry” is an entertaining romp, but it also plays as Pharaoh’s big return to a world he left years ago and you can hear his energy in every phrase. This is one of the year’s best stand-alone country singles and offers even more. Pharaoh’s potential is enormous and even a relatively light hearted song like this cannot help but show off that skill.  

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