Bringing Peace, Weaving Connections, Spreading Wings of Warmth – Karen Salicath Jamali Enchants with “Christmas Angel”

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A dream-inspired, memorable single- “Christmas Angel” is the finest new release from a renowned composer and artist that captures the essence of Holiday magic

WINTER PARK, FL —In a dream-inspired revelation, Karen Salicath Jamali brings forth her newest musical creation, “Christmas Angel,” released on December 15, 2023. This enchanting composition aims to evoke a sense of inner peace and connection to the holiday spirit, akin to the gentle descent of snowflakes and the uplifting presence of angels. The accompanying album cover features one of the artist’s exquisite sculptures and paintings, further emphasizing the fusion of her artistic talents.

Karen’s journey into the realm of music began unexpectedly after a life-altering accident in 2012, resulting in a head injury and a near-death experience. Following a three-year recovery, she discovered her newfound ability to spontaneously play and compose beautiful, meditative music on the piano, a therapeutic process that ultimately healed her. Seven years later, her musical repertoire comprises seven albums and over 2500 compositions.

The accolades Karen has amassed throughout her career are a testament to her exceptional musical prowess. Her latest album, “Angel Pollination,” released in 2023, has garnered widespread acclaim. Recognitions include induction into The Akademia Music Award Hall of Fame, two nominations for The Josie Music Award for Album of the Year 2023 and Musician of the Year 2023, and a nomination for the “World Entertainment Award” for Best New Age Album 2023.

Further acclaim comes from The W.A.M. Award 2023 for Best Instrumental, the prestigious Premio “Oscar della Creatività” in Montecarlo 2023, and being a Semi-finalist of Unsigned Only, Music Composition 2023. Her album “Hope of Angels” secured the Global Music Award in April 2023, and she also received the Global Music Award for Composers.

Karen’s profound connection with her music goes beyond awards; it is a spiritual journey that resonates with listeners. Her compositions have been described as a bridge between the mortal and immortal elements, invoking the divine, innocent, and spiritual traits of angels.

As she embarks on the release of “Christmas Angel,” Karen Salicath Jamali invites listeners to experience the magic of the holiday season through her dream-inspired melodies. In a world yearning for peace and healing, her music serves as a beacon of hope, carrying the timeless message of love and compassion.

In the words of Karen Salicath Jamali, “There is so much need for peace and healing right now,” and through her music, she invites you to find solace and joy in the timeless melodies of “Christmas Angel.”

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Karen Salicath Jamali, an acclaimed composer, pianist, producer, and accomplished American artist, was born in Denmark and currently resides in both NYC and Florida. A distinguished multi-award-winning artist, she unveils her latest masterpiece, a Christmas single titled ‘Christmas Angel.’ With a career spanning three decades, she has showcased diverse talents in composing, painting, sculpting, and photography. Karen Salicath Jamali continues to captivate audiences with her unique and profound artistic expressions.


Karen Salicath Jamali
Name: Karen Salicath Jamali
Address: 7330 Sandcove court, WINTER PARK, FL
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212 966 3335




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