Brit Royal – Change (Dream Mix)


“Change” is a single from Brit Royal’s first, fan-financed, full length album London. Brit Royal are top shelf purveyors of a musical tradition combining the high flown lyricism of intelligent British pop from the eighties with subsequent melodic developments occurring over the last two decades. The two musicians and songwriters responsible for this first class track, brothers Kais and Mazin Oliver, have distinguished themselves working with major talents like producer/songwriter Mikal Blue and J.R. Richards from the band Dishwalla. The exemplary production values elevating the song give the Oliver brothers the best of all possible platforms for presenting their songwriting and they take advantage of this to turn out one of 2017’s best singles and the four minute long running time never over-extends listeners’ attentions. Instead, this feels and sounds like a condensed and layered gem glittering with intense artistry.


It is a direct and deceptively simple affair. Few instruments are employed, but Brit Royal does a superlative job of weaving the minimal strains into a composition full of color and passion. The piano and vocals work off each other with frequently combustible moments when the sonic tandem hits high points that will move even hardened, cynical hearts. The vocals have exceptional clarity and warmth which tempers the seriousness of the song’s message. They aren’t necessarily remaking the wheel here with their lyrical inventions, it’s a theme writers in every artistic arena have tackled at some point, but they express these themes with individualism and eloquence that sets them apart from similar efforts. The fact that they are able to accomplish so much with familiar elements isn’t unheard of, but it’s rather unusual and particularly so for such young musicians. Brother acts in musical history are common and the Oliver brothers bring their audience all of the expected chemistry without ever succumbing to the clichés.


There’s some light keyboard coloring draped over the background, but it is unobtrusive and helps flesh out the track just a little more. The turns of phrase employed in the lyric dovetail quite nicely into the aforementioned added color and the winding, warm piano playing that musically anchors the song. It has tasteful movement that never overreaches for effect and doesn’t waste a single note in the process. The space created in the song by the spartan arrangement helps give the song some extra heft and tension it might otherwise lack. Brit Royal’s journey from their well received debut, sold out and critically lauded concert appearances, up to the release of their spectacular first full length album sets them apart as one of the most important rising acts in the British/European music scene and primes them for crossing over to the American market. There’s something here for everyone – this is a highly entertaining song and an intelligent piece as well guaranteed to emotionally move and please a wide swath of listeners.