Brooke Moriber – Up All Night


Brooke Moriber – Up All Night 


Brooke Moriber’s talents are considerable. She is a veteran actress of stage, television, and film, a blossoming songwriting talent, and an explosive vocalist who is capable of conveying vast oceans of feeling or else blowing listeners away with her tonsil bursting power. Her latest release, a single entitled “Up All Night”, further solidifies her claim for being one of the more promising pop talents rising through the ranks today. She’s served supremely well by this song, a tightly organized and rousing pop confection that, nevertheless, grounds listener’s experience of the track in surprisingly adult lyrics and a meaningful vocal that doesn’t settle for pandering or restricting itself to just one emotional pitch. Instead, Brooke Moriber does what any great singer does – she takes the song and makes it her own while still retaining the sure instincts of a born performer. The song’s production touches are its crowning touch. There’s points where the music and vocals alike are raw, uninhibited, but there’s also tremendous style guiding this song from opening to conclusion. 

Her voice is often quite uplifting and has no trouble at all matching the power and exuberance of the backing track. However, she has no apparent difficulty tuning down her voice as the lyric and music requires and it’s her instinct for the right times to do this that ends up being one of the song’s unquestionable strengths. Many singers, foolishly, opt to sing against the backing track rather than with it and that isn’t a mistake you’ll find in any of Brooke Moriber’s work. Her Broadway experiences, without a doubt, have set her up to be this good so quick and she sounds completely confident throughout the entirety of “Up All Night”. Another highlight is the bridge near the song’s end when she modulates her voice quite effectively before ripping into a final run through of the chorus before everything ends.  

The song’s short lines, tight rhymes, and detail make the lyric quite exceptional by the standards of the genre. Moriber takes full advantage of the lyrical construction with her voice to create the sort of claustrophobic effect you might expect from a song depicting thwarted longing, but there’s also an indefatigable air suggested by the strength of her vocals and the way the music sweeps listeners through the song. This is torture that she’s going through, but there’s plenty of inner strength accompanying that torture and she will survive. The fact that this song can reflect so many different emotional stances in under four minutes testifies to the artistry she brings to bear each time out. This is a singer unafraid to put her voice on the line each time out and “Up All Night” is the latest gem in her growing discography that comes at you with the same passion and skill distinguishing her earlier songs. Brooke Moriber’s talents are enormous and varied, but this new track might reflect them more clearly than anything that’s come before.  


Michael Saulman